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Mark Quinn is a 20-year mattress industry veteran with a passion for presenting business in the best possible light. He works hard on strategy and culture, and has a business focus on leadership and marketing. Quinn believes every company is a media company and works hard in the digital space to bring products and stories to the right audience. Family comes first, and FAITH is a verb.

Something To Be Grateful For

My wife and I are at the doctor yesterday (the amazing Brian Ipsen), with my 14 year old daughter. She hurt her back playing volleyball over a month ago and has been in pain ever since. We have had x-rays, doctors … Continue reading

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What To Learn From This Election?

I promise not to get political here but before this election passes us by, I have to point something out as we head into the weekend. If  I were to tell you before this crazy thing all started that a billionaire … Continue reading


4 Ways To Survive The Next 4 Days Of Politics

If your like most, you have had it with all of the political nonsense because this year’s Presidential election has been unlike any other in recent history. Not only are the gloves off, but the knives and bats are out. … Continue reading

Story and Experience Wins The Sale

In Q’s Views, I try to shine the light on what other companies are doing or talk about what’s going on in the industry. Today, I am going to share a little bit of my story. We launched Spink and … Continue reading

Evolution Or Revolution?

I was looking at a business opportunity the other day which caused me to go to Amazon and really drill down on the mattress offerings. I learned a few things about Amazon in the process…They account for 60% of the … Continue reading

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