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The $600 Million Elephant in the Bedroom

In a past blog post, I talked about consumers using their mobile devices to shop for mattresses on the internet while looking at the actual product in the store – or “show-rooming,” as many call it. I want to shift … Continue reading


How To Capture Attention

The following is a guest post by Mark Kinsley To capture attention you have to replace the thought inside a person’s brain with something more interesting. And if you want to retain attention you have to continue surprising the part … Continue reading

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Will Labor Day Promotions Bring a Pay Day (or do damage)?

According to the latest ISPA statistics, the industry is up a whopping 1.3% in dollars and 1.2% in units through July. The good news is we might be riding a little wave here, with dollars up 5.9% and units up … Continue reading

5 Things the Wizard Taught Me

I did it. I am now a wizard of the highest magnitude, having studied at and graduated from the Wizard Academy, taught by marketing superstar and New York Times Best-Selling Author Roy Williams. It was a little irritating when I … Continue reading


How to Become a Wizard

I am just finishing up a book for the second time, so I thought I would share some of that with you. I am not big on reading books twice because I have so many I want to get to … Continue reading