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tgen Wins Big Thanks To Magowitz Foundation

I am going to take a brief timeout from the 22 Immutable Laws review to bring you this update from last week in Orlando Florida. First of all, Dave Perry and the staff at Furniture Today did a great job … Continue reading

The Law of Exclusivity

First off I want to thank my friends Pete Primeau and Doug Stewart for interviewing me for their podcast on the Primeau Furniture Sales blog/podcast. It was a lot of fun to do and it game me a chance to … Continue reading

22 Immutable Laws of Mattress Marketing

I am heading over to England today to visit the Harrison Spinks farm where we will be growing natural materials to make our Spink and Edgar mattresses. While we are there we will get to help the sheep during the … Continue reading

Fun Is Profitable

Okay, get out your pen and make a list for me. I want you to write down all of the things your company has done this year so far to make things a little more fun. It could be an … Continue reading


What Is Your Credibility Worth?

If you are a marketing person, you often get accused of being full of “IT” and by “IT” I mean the organic substance that is going to help your flowers grow this spring. I don’t blame the critics really because … Continue reading