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Make Some Magic Happen

So maybe you can’t make the Statue of Liberty vanish or make a bunny appear out of a hat like I can. (What, you don’t believe me? See for yourself!) You can still make some magic happen on May 16 in … Continue reading

Sleeping On an Old Mattress Can Kill You

Should that be the headline of every mattress ad ever written? Seriously, think about that for a second because most consumers have absolutely no idea how important it is to sleep on a comfortable mattress. It’s important because the right … Continue reading


Products, People, Party: ISPA 2014 Is Coming

Rarely, if ever, do I use this blog to talk about my company or the products we create for the industry, but I am going to make an exception today as we approach our Super Bowl, the ISPA Expo 2014. … Continue reading


5 Reasons to Cover the Big Stuff In Person

We just finished up a big sales meeting in which we brought together our entire team from the bedding group to get ready for the ISPA Expo coming up at the end of the month. Normally when you get through … Continue reading

The Comfort Zone is a Dangerous Place to Live!

This past weekend I spent 12 hours inside an old, broken down, smelly, middle school gymnasium watching my two kids play in a basketball tournament. My third grade, 9-year-old boy just started playing up with the fourth grade boys and … Continue reading