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How to Handle a Bed Hog

Like many of you, I do a fair amount of travel, so staying in hotels is common for me. I really hate being away from my family, but it works out because I have the kind of personality my wife … Continue reading


Harvard’s Big Step into the Sleep Arena

Recently I was invited to attend an event in Boston called Recharge America, put together by Harvard Medical School (HMS). The goal of this group is to create a movement in America to make sleep the clear “third leg of … Continue reading


Are We Falling Short?

Whenever I am asked what my biggest fear is, my answer is always the same: I am afraid that I will not live up to my full potential. There is no doubt we are all blessed with a different set … Continue reading

Interview with a Sleep Geek Community Manager

The following is a guest post by Ashley Hawse and Lauren Zimmerman When you think of marketing in the mattress industry, you might be tempted to take a snooze. At least that is what I thought when I first entered … Continue reading

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day again and by the time you read this, there are only a few days left for you to get that special gift purchased – or are you one of those annoying people that have it done … Continue reading