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Sleep Geek 3.0 Has Me Fired Up

You read that headline correctly – I am FIRED UP today because we launched Sleep Geek 3.0. For those of you that don’t know, more than two years ago we created a community called Sleep Geek, purpose-built for retail sales … Continue reading

It’s a Geek Thing

It doesn’t matter how hard you try, the written word can only capture a certain aspect of what you want to convey. Experts tell us that non-verbal communication accounts for 80% of the meaning of a message. With that in … Continue reading

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8 Blog Posts from 2011

2011 is coming to a close. Thank you all for reading Q’s Views throughout the past year, and here is a quick look at some of the site’s most popular content. Continue reading


It’s very easy to take what we have for granted. This November, Sleep Geek is celebrating Geeksgiving as a way to help those less fortunate who go without some of the things we use without even thinking on a daily basis. Continue reading

Opinions are Everywhere

Are we taking full advantage of user opinions? We need to be listening to our vocal users to understand their needs, wants and what will ultimately help them relate to our products. Continue reading