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No Man’s Land

Thanks to my trusted friend, Wikipedia, I now know that the term “No Man’s Land” dates back to 1320, where the expression was used to describe a territory over which there was a legal disagreement. Later it was assigned as … Continue reading


Being Prepared Is Not an Option

Tomorrow, I leave for the International Sleep Products Association Expo in the BIG EASY, folks. That’s right, New Orleans, Louisiana! We will have many people coming in from many different parts of my company for this four-day event. Most of our … Continue reading


“C” Players Kill “A” Players

Stand back because this could get messy. Have you ever worked for a company that employs “C” players? It is kind of a stupid question because if you have been around long enough, of course you have.  When companies put … Continue reading

Happy Holidays from The Quinn Family

“Hopefully most of you are reading this from home and have started your holiday already. I will keep this short so you can get back to more important things. My hope for you over the next few weeks is that … Continue reading

I Call Bull S#%*

I am on the plane heading home from High Point market and was making some notes on my trip. It is always good to be around my friends in the industry, swap stories, and learn what is or is not … Continue reading