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Who Will Lose In The Bed In A Box Battle?

I speak to industry analyst every month who are looking for information about the industry. What products are hot? Who is making the biggest impact at retail? Are the new leaders at the different companies focused on the right things? … Continue reading

When It Rains, It Floods

My parents and brother and sister all live in Houston, Texas and have been experiencing extreme weather over this past week and are expecting even more rain today. On April 18th the rain started falling in Houston and didn’t stop … Continue reading

Stearns and Foster’s Strategy For A Three Year Product Transition

Stearns and Foster recently announced that from now on they are going to a three year replacement cycle. I watched their Chief Marketing Officer, Jay Spenchian, in an interview with Dave Perry at Furniture Today, and Jay did a great … Continue reading

Believing Isn’t The Same As Knowing

My daughter Gabby is 13 and plays softball. They have a pretty salty team finishing 7th in the World Series in Orlando last year. (Not bad for a scrappy team from a small town.) Gabby is a lights out center … Continue reading

Connecting The Dots

For years I could never understand why bedding producers and retailers didn’t focus more of their resources on telling the real story about a mattress so when it came time to build our new website, we knew we had an … Continue reading