Why Should You Care About Personal Brand?

You wake up every day, hopefully take a shower, and then head into your closet to select your uniform. Do you select pants that are two inches too short? NO, unless of course you are dressing up as a Sleep Geek for Halloween. Do you pick a shirt with a large coffee stain on the front? Do you put on shoes that are dirty and unpolished?personal brand 300x150 Why Should You Care About Personal Brand?

Why do you take such great care when getting dressed? Because you want to project a certain image to those around you. Everything you wear, the car you drive, the friends you keep, the house you live in and even the church you go to – or don’t go to – says a lot about who you are. They make up your personal brand. Continue reading

Story of the Scullery Maid (re-tell this to somebody)

The following is a guest post by Mark Kinsley (the other half of Dos Marcos)

In a moment we’ll get to the story of the scullery maid. First I want to talk about kids.

During a career day panel, I asked a classroom full of teenagers, “How many of you think it’s important to follow your passions?” A hundred hands shot sky-high. “Well, you’re wrong,” I said. The teacher was incensed at my comment, muttering her strongScullery Maid 300x193 Story of the Scullery Maid (re tell this to somebody) disagreement over a swell of conversation. Here’s why they were wrong: at that moment, their passions were boys and girls, football and basketball, Halo and Call of Duty. Follow your passion? Rubbish. Those passions would change in a year. My advice to them? Figure out how to be passionate, I said. Now that’s a worthy pursuit. But how do you learn to be passionate and how might that help you in life?

We go now to the story of the scullery maid, as told to me by Roy H. Williams, a New York Times best selling author and advertising genius. Continue reading

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Technology Can Drive Sales

Hello everybody. I am in Las Vegas attending market, so when I come back next week, I will have plenty to report. In the meantime, please check out this article that I wrote for ClickZ about augmented reality.

shutterstock 116051263 Technology Can Drive Sales

We saw some great new initiatives here from the Simmons Bedding Company using this technology to educate consumers about what is inside of their products.

I hope you are somewhere cooler than I am, as we hover at 104 degrees today. Can someone please contact the Vegas market officials and ask them to change the summer dress code to shorts and a T-shirt instead of suite and tie?

Thank you!

Tempur-Pedic Hits a HOLE-IN-ONE

Tempur-Pedic recently announced they are the official mattress of the PGA Tour, which makes this its first national sports sponsorship. I think this is a brilliant move by the Tempur Pedic Hits a HOLE IN ONE company and here are a few reasons why:


Arrogance Can Cost You Everything

A softball field full of little girls taught me another life lesson last weekend. If you regularly read this blog, you have probably heard me talk about my daughter’s 11-and-under softball team. There are nine scrappy kids from three states that make up the Battitudes team, and when they put on the uniform they come to play. For a few different reasons, we decided toBattitudes 300x225 Arrogance Can Cost You Everything play in a state tournament last weekend that didn’t have an 11-year-old division, which forced us to play with older girls. 14-year-olds! Before each game, the coaches told the girls, “Nobody thinks you should be playing in this tournament except for you, your coaches, and your parents. You have nothing to lose, so just do what you know you can do.”

A few things happened I think are relevant to the business world: Continue reading