8 Years in the Rearview Mirror

Since I announced my resignation from Leggett & Platt, things have passed by as a blur. I want to thank Furniture Today, Sleep Savvy, Bed Times, Furniture World, and Home Furnishings Business for writing about my departure. As for Sleep Geek, Mattress rear view mirror 300x199 8 Years in the Rearview MirrorIndustry Executives on LinkedIn, and the Dos Marcos podcast, you guys are obligated to talk about it because the properties still report to me…at least for now, so no love for you (joking). I also want to thank everybody who has called, left me voice mails, texted, contacted me on LinkedIn, or sent an e-mail. I have saved every single one of them for a day when I am going to need some encouragement, which I am sure will be in the not-too-distant future.

Whenever people transition from one thing to the next, I think it is natural that there is some reflection on where you have been to offset the anticipation of what is to come. Allow me to think out loud on both subjects. Continue reading


5 Signs an Outsider Won’t Make It in the Mattress Industry

Have you ever heard someone say something like, “That person is coming from outside the industry and we all know how well that turns out.” There seems to be a strong bias that when it comes to managing business at a high level in the mattress industry, you are likely to fail if you are not an insider. new guy 300x198 5 Signs an Outsider Won’t Make It in the Mattress Industry

Why is that? It might be because there is a long line of consultants and investors that has drifted in and out of the mattress industry with little to show for it. Bounding in with a lot of hubris, ready to show these little mattress people how the big dogs do it. What causes failure for these outsiders?

You know the newbie is a short-timer when: Continue reading

Leaving Leggett

Gail Sheehy is an American author and journalist and was quoted as saying, “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.

That pretty much sums up where I am with this decision to leave Leggett & Platt.

When I came to L&P eight years ago, I did it because the people I knew here were great, I liked the company, and I saw a lot of opportunity to enhance its position in the industry. If I were to look back and grade us on how we were once perceived to where we are today, I think we have done pretty well on improving some things. I’m not basing that on my own opinion, but instead on the feedback from our customers and, just as importantly, our own people.

 Leaving Leggett

Leggett & Platt Bedding Group

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Why Should You Care About Personal Brand?

You wake up every day, hopefully take a shower, and then head into your closet to select your uniform. Do you select pants that are two inches too short? NO, unless of course you are dressing up as a Sleep Geek for Halloween. Do you pick a shirt with a large coffee stain on the front? Do you put on shoes that are dirty and unpolished?personal brand 300x150 Why Should You Care About Personal Brand?

Why do you take such great care when getting dressed? Because you want to project a certain image to those around you. Everything you wear, the car you drive, the friends you keep, the house you live in and even the church you go to – or don’t go to – says a lot about who you are. They make up your personal brand. Continue reading

Story of the Scullery Maid (re-tell this to somebody)

The following is a guest post by Mark Kinsley (the other half of Dos Marcos)

In a moment we’ll get to the story of the scullery maid. First I want to talk about kids.

During a career day panel, I asked a classroom full of teenagers, “How many of you think it’s important to follow your passions?” A hundred hands shot sky-high. “Well, you’re wrong,” I said. The teacher was incensed at my comment, muttering her strongScullery Maid 300x193 Story of the Scullery Maid (re tell this to somebody) disagreement over a swell of conversation. Here’s why they were wrong: at that moment, their passions were boys and girls, football and basketball, Halo and Call of Duty. Follow your passion? Rubbish. Those passions would change in a year. My advice to them? Figure out how to be passionate, I said. Now that’s a worthy pursuit. But how do you learn to be passionate and how might that help you in life?

We go now to the story of the scullery maid, as told to me by Roy H. Williams, a New York Times best selling author and advertising genius. Continue reading

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