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Casper Wants to Kill

The following is a guest post by Mark Kinsley. Casper was a friendly ghost. In the mattress industry, Casper is the brand that wants to kill. They want to kill the bad experience. Murder the margins. Bury the slimy sales guy. Cut out … Continue reading


Where’s the Next BIG Idea for Foundations?

“Why yes, Mrs. Jones, the box spring is very important. The foundation of your mattress is similar to the foundation of your house; they are both critical to the durability of what they support.” That is what we used to … Continue reading


How Changing a Line-up Impacts the RSA

The following is a guest post by David Fisher Before we start, I’d like to preface these remarks with the understanding that the comments are not an expert’s opinion but rather observations from someone with many years of retail experience. … Continue reading


Don’t Miss the Biggest Month for Sleep

Okay everybody, it is April 2 and time to firm up your plans for Better Sleep Month. But before I get started, did you have anyone get you on April Fools’ Day? Check out these YouTube videos if you missed … Continue reading

Servant Leadership

I just finished reading a book called “The Servant.” It’s about this guy that is really screwing up at work, his relationships are not all that great, and he is basically just lost in life. His wife encourages him to … Continue reading