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Bold Predictions And My 2017 Challenge To You

Mark Kinsley and I just recorded another podcast for sleep-geek.com that should publish in a few weeks, and in it we make some bold predictions for 2017. Making predictions is really pretty stupid when you think about it because there is … Continue reading

The Hero of Empowerment Marketing

The following is a guest post by Mark Kinsley Few envision themselves as a person doomed to be inadequate. Those thoughts may creep into one’s head, but they’re not welcome. We believe there’s a hero inside each of us. So … Continue reading

The Super Bowl for the Mattress Industry

Las Vegas Market is in full swing as you read this. Bedding producers, suppliers, and retailers from all over the world are in attendance to see what cool new stuff manufacturers have come up with to help drive sales in … Continue reading

Ashley’s Zzz’s Won’t Put You to Sleep

If you have been reading this blog very long, you know that I am a big fan of creative and innovative solutions to complex problems. One of the most innovative companies in our industry is Ashley Furniture, and folks, they … Continue reading


Serta’s Cheap-Ass Plan to Hijack the Buzz

Serta created quite a stir at Las Vegas Market this year with its “It’s time to get iComfort, Not a cheap-ass knock off” banner. Was this a good way of grabbing attention and generating buzz? Continue reading