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Knock It Down

My son Nick is 12 so I have released my yard service from their duties so that he can experience the joy of mowing a lawn. I bought him a brand new electric push mower that is very light weight, but … Continue reading


The Comfort Zone is a Dangerous Place to Live!

This past weekend I spent 12 hours inside an old, broken down, smelly, middle school gymnasium watching my two kids play in a basketball tournament. My third grade, 9-year-old boy just started playing up with the fourth grade boys and … Continue reading


5 Things the Wizard Taught Me

I did it. I am now a wizard of the highest magnitude, having studied at and graduated from the Wizard Academy, taught by marketing superstar and New York Times Best-Selling Author Roy Williams. It was a little irritating when I … Continue reading


Pushing Past the Stall Point

So I am on vacation and end up sick in my hotel room while the family plays on the beach. (Cue the violins, please.) This is not a total loss, because as I am lying there in bed, I discover … Continue reading

Ashley’s Zzz’s Won’t Put You to Sleep

If you have been reading this blog very long, you know that I am a big fan of creative and innovative solutions to complex problems. One of the most innovative companies in our industry is Ashley Furniture, and folks, they … Continue reading