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Size Does Matter

Size matters in the bedroom, but in this case, SMALLER IS BETTER!

Calm down, it’s not what you think. I’m talking about the mattress you are sleeping on. At the High Point Furniture Market, I had a conversation with my friend Allyn Beard,  Director of AH Beard in Australia, about the mistake the bedding industry is making by building beds that are so thick!

Think about it: When it comes to consumer products today, smaller is better. Computers, televisions, phones…these are just a few examples of products that are all shrinking in size. Would you rather lug around the old bag phone or slip the latest Droid or iPhone in your pocket? Why are we teaching the consumer that thicker beds have more value? Is it because they are more comfortable? NO! I have tested products half the depth and/or size of what some manufacturers produce at 20″, and I would argue that they are even more comfortable. Think about what Tempur-Pedic has done with their Original Mattress or what fabric encased coils can do without any help from foam. Those beds are comfortable at any size.

Now even Fido has a way to get in bed with you.

Consider the downsides of making a thick mattress. Consumers are getting older and it’s harder for them to get in and out of bed. Sheets can be a problem, pets have trouble getting into bed with their master (though we have even created a pet stairs product!) and most of all, thick beds are more prone to body impressions, which is a HUGE problem for the consumer. To compensate for these mammoth mattresses, we create low-profile box spring and bed frame products. WHAT!?

I think a taller profile is a lazy way to build value in a mattress set. Is it what you do when you simply don’t know what else to do? (Thank you for that one, Kurt Ling!) The best reason to move away from the thicker mattresses is the fact that we can MAKE MORE MONEY and tell a great story at the same time, building REAL value in what we sell.

I believe that the old saying still holds true: Good things really do come in small packages. Even in the bedroom!

What am I missing here? What are you thinking?

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