Are you full of it?

I am getting SOOOOO tired of reading press releases or visiting websites that tout the latest and greatest from my friends in the mattress industry. “It’s better!” “New and improved!” “Improve pressure relief!” “Less motion transfer!” “Sleeps cooler!” “More comfort!” “Lasts longer, more durable!” These things are great to say and most of it is relevant to the consumer, but are they just words?

Are our marketing claims misleading our customers?

What you rarely find following these statements are facts about how they were arrived at to begin with. Where is the testing data to support the claim? Have you done your testing or research? I bet that I could come up with around 10 claims that people make in this industry and cover about 90% of what is being said out there. My question is, how much can people prove, or are they just following the leaders (whoever they are)?

The next time you read a claim or a marketing piece from somebody in the industry, just ask how he or she knows and see what the reaction is. There are many out there spending the time and money to get the facts straight, but for you guys that are just gun slinging, consider giving some backup to support that claim. It firms up what you are saying and gives you a lot of credibility with the consumer.

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