Politicians are Annoying

Is the political scene getting to you? It is really annoying me and we still have a long way to go. The great thing about writing a blog is that it gives you space to vent, so here it goes. We will be back to mattress industry programming next week. 

  1. Say what you mean! Why is it that when these guys get asked a question I feel like I need an app on my phone that will translate the real meaning of their answers. They speak in circles and almost never directly answer anything. They have their talking points and they stick to them. For example, “Mr. Candidate, how will you address social security?” Answer: “I am glad you asked me that and think it is important to point out that my opponent has no plan for social security.” WHAT?!!?? Just give us YOUR answer.
  2. You are never quite sure if they are telling the truth. You listen to what sounded like a great speech from one of the candidates and then analysts come on television and tell us they lied their butts off. Seriously? Do these guys think nobody is going to hold them accountable or do they just flat not care? If you were Obama or Romney, wouldn’t you error on the side of caution and make absolutely sure everything you said was on solid ground?
  3. The politicians forget the hard reality: They work for us! These people talk about spending money as if it’s theirs to do with as they see fit. We the people gave them that money and should see a good return on the investment so don’t get irritated when we hold you accountable. Hey President Obama and Governor Romney, please remember that you are public servants. Will your actions make the founding fathers proud?
  4. The parties need to get it together and work toward a common goal. I know that both groups have strong reasons to believe their opinion is right, however if you don’t work toward a solution that serves the good of all people, nothing happens. If you had leaders like that running your company you would be bankrupt in a hurry. Being in politics should not be about a power grab; it should be about doing good for the people that put them there. If that were really their intention, would things be different?
  5. Act like grown ups. Play nice with others, tell us when you are wrong and apologize when appropriate, support your opponent when they are right, be careful to criticize if your own house is not in order, tell the truth, and for heaven’s sake, STOP FIGHTING!

I say the politicians should fire the consultants and hire on somebody’s mother or that grandpa that put his foot in your backside as a kid when you had it coming. Let those people advise you on how to behave and see how the American people react. I bet you would like what you see.

What do you think? Is the political season getting to you?

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