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5 Great Things About the Mattress Industry — 100th Blog Post

Today I find myself writing my 100th blog post, which is weird to me considering I never really wanted to be a blogger. I started doing this because I am passionate about the bedding industry and I find myself getting frustrated when we miss opportunities to talk about what we do. I suppose I simply wanted to have a voice and for us all to engage in a conversation that would ultimately help us improve.

Much of what I write is inspired by what annoys me about this crazy business, so let me turn the tables here and talk about the good. So here are five great things about the mattress industry:

1. There are lots of good, solid, long-lasting, back-slapping, gimme-a-hug relationships out there. We are fairly small compared to other industries and I happen to like that. There is a familiarity that is really great and I appreciate the people I get to see at the conferences many of us attend.

2. We get to sell a product that can literally change people’s lives. Think about that one for a minute. It’s not like we are selling garage doors (yes, that was a little random but it popped into my head). A great bed can deliver comfort that can deliver incredible sleep, that can deliver a better attitude about life, so I am grateful that the consumer uses our products every single day.

3. We are in a good margin business. Before you start to debate me, just consider my brother’s perspective. He was on the mattress retailing side for several years, helped start a chain of mattress stores, and then sold out. He had a non-compete but didn’t want to stop working so he looked for a different business to buy. In that process he came to the realization after looking at 1,000 different deals that he may have taken the mattress business for granted because it is hard to replicate what we have on many different levels. If you are doing it right, there is a lot of money to be made selling indoor recreational equipment no matter where you are in the supply chain. (Yes, that was a reference to sex.)

4. There is a decent level of job security in this business. I know people that have floated around to several different companies and are still employed, so if it isn’t working for you, don’t despair, there is probably somebody else out there that will put up with your nonsense.

5. Many of us get to go to Vegas twice a year. On the expense account!

So there it is for you in black and white, a little positivity to brighten up your day. Yes, I get irritated about some of the things we do in this industry but I am very grateful to be in it. I am also very grateful to all of you, the people who check back every week to see what is happening at Q’s Views. Thanks for making us part of your week and for paying attention for 100 rants about our business.

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