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Sleep Geek Mania

When we started Sleep Geek we weren’t exactly sure what would happen. After doing research, we felt good about launching the first online community dedicated to the bedding industry, but you never know how people will react. We are happy to announce that Sleep Geek has more than 3,000 members and is growing daily. The question we now ask ourselves is why have people responded so well? We think we have a few of those answers:

  1. Sleep Geek is the only online community built for the bedding industry with the goal of helping members figure out how to connect mattresses to a better quality of life. When you make that connection customers win (which means we win).
  2. Depending on where you go to work, the training you get on how to sell a mattress can be really good or really bad. We created Geek University to provide a free education on selling the story of better sleep. Due to high employee turnover rates or limited training budgets, giving people a proper education on our industry is a challenge so we created the only online school, purpose built for you!
  3. We want this industry to be more fun so we are producing videos, cartoons, and bringing you other content that will keep people interested and passionate about selling mattresses.

On that note I want to mention the Sleep Geek contest that’s going on now until November 23rd. You can go online to and participate in the Hide and Go Geek sweepstakes for a chance to win one of 25 gift cards worth $100 each. We crashed the set during filming of the Get Hybrid video and hid four Sleep Geek mementos. Find those four items and you’re qualified to win.

We care about this industry and where it goes. We know that consumers have a limited amount of money to spend and we want to make sure the bedding industry is doing everything possible to make the mattress more of a WANT versus a NEED. We are all playing on the same team and need to work together to advance the idea that the products we sell are important. If we tell our story we can elevate our game and grow profits for all.  We hope Sleep Geek advances these ideas and gives everyone involved more tools to accomplish the ultimate goal.

Have a great election day and don’t forget to wear that sticker.

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