Vote for the Sticker

Watching the news this morning, I was inspired to send you a special message about the big vote tomorrow. Nothing partisan here, simply a request that everyone go vote regardless of party preference. 

I am not going to hit you with the typical reasons why you SHOULD vote tomorrow like…your fellow countrymen died so you would have the right; it is your civic duty; your voice needs to be heard. Instead just consider that you are going to look like a big dork walking around tomorrow without the “I VOTED TODAY” sticker.

These little badges of voting honor are probably going to be red, white, and blue, so wear something to coordinate and make sure there is a prominent place on your shirt, blouse, or dress to display that sticker.

If you come up with some lame excuse as to why you can’t vote, just know that everyone else is going to have that sticker EXCEPT for you and yes, WE WILL JUDGE YOU. If you don’t have one on, people may not say anything directly to your face but I promise you, they are going to be talking about you when you walk away. Your friends will turn on you at lunch if you are not there, and make you the sole focus of all of the gossip and trash talk that will take place. So whatever you do, avoid making yourself the target tomorrow. Get up early, avoid those lines, and get that sticker.

May God bless you and may God bless America tomorrow as we elect our next leader!

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