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Serta, Tempur-Pedic, Ashley, and Hybrids Top Q’s Views for 2012

We covered it all this year on Q’s Views. We talked about how Serta not only hijacked the buzz at last year’s Las Vegas market with their “Cheap-Ass Knock Off” banner, but also hijacked the number one spot in the bedding industry. We discussed Tempur-Pedic’s shift in strategy in 2012 and followed Sealy’s push to impact the specialty space. Not only that but we saw the term “hybrid” introduced into the mattress space and witnessed the first ever rap song written about the category. How in the world are we going to top all of this in 2013?
In case you missed any of it, here are the Top 5 Q’s Views for 2012, so take a minute and catch up.
This year we have a lot to talk about so be sure to subscribe to Q’s Views (top right hand side of the blog). Don’t worry about attending every event this year, I will do that for you and be writing about it here. Stay tuned for my coverage of Vegas market in January as well as my trip to Cologne, Germany where I will be writing about the furniture show there and all of the great things happening in Europe.
I hope you had a great New Year and are ready for an exciting 2013, which the Chinese zodiac calls the year of the snake — I am calling it the year of the HYBRID!

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