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A Foundation of Steel (77 percent prefer selling it)

The following is a guest post by Michael Dellaquila.

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Quality is such a hollow word. It’s something companies claim, but many never really prove. You can imagine the excitement when, out of the blue, a man named Steven Aguilar sent an email that perfectly illustrates the concept of quality:

“A couple of weeks ago my nephew and I were moving my mother’s bed around in her room when I made the comment that this box spring is probably from the 1970’s. He laughed and when we flipped it over we noticed a tag from Leggett & Platt, Inc. dated March 17, 1966. So I wanted to say thank you to your company for making a good quality product that has lasted over 47 years.”           

– Steven Aguilar

How’s that for a quality product?

Leggett & Platt knows people want value, and it delivers that with a variety of products, including steel foundations. Retail sales professionals know that for many customers, value beats price – especially on an important purchase like a bed set. In fact, according to a Sleep Geek survey 77 percent of retail sales associates prefer to sell steel foundations over all-wood box springs. Three out four RSAs believe a steel box spring will last longer in the consumer’s home than one made of only wood, which can break and cause a mattress sag.

While an all-wood foundation might be less expensive, cheaper usually isn’t better. Just watch what happens when 175 pounds – the weight of an average person – is dropped onto steel modules, and then onto standard wood slats.

Seriously, go watch what happens.

I’ve never read a comic book about the “Man of Pine.” Superman’s nickname is the Man of Steel because he’s incredibly strong. And you never hear anybody say, “She has nerves of cedar.” There’s a reason the superhero and the expression are associated with steel, not wood.

A high-quality foundation is critical to the quality of a sleep set, and more than three-fourths of RSAs believe that value is found in steel foundations.

Visit for a more complete look at the wood vs. steel debate. There you will find facts, research, videos, and other valuable resources that will increase your knowledge on the subject and, if you’re an RSA, improve your sales approach. Feel free to hit us with your comments. What’s your take on wood vs. steel foundations?

2 thoughts on “A Foundation of Steel (77 percent prefer selling it)

  1. Great article! I’ve been in the industry for over 40 years with a quality responsibility helping partners inside my company and across the industry with every aspect of quality – from selection of their supply chain to designs, to assembly, to consumer issues. It facinates me to hear read the blogs and see issues that concern the foundation. Do I think steel is better, absolutely !! When was the last time you got in bed with a wood foundation and heard a wood squeak – happens ! Protruding nails ! slats that dry out and brake over time! Love the Superman anaolgy – steel is better than wood !!

    Steve Willis

  2. This helps selling such a high quality product, a box spring lasting 47 years certainly is a remarkable fact.
    thanks for providing valuable information
    Carlos Bonatto

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