Stop Selling!

Do you ever get sick of being sold to? I do, I must admit. Not only sick of it, but also highly irritated by it. Don’t get me wrong, if I go into a store and there is a skilled sales professional there to help me make a good decision, that is a TOTALLY different thing. I am talking about the other people who just don’t get it.

I will tell you that the so-called journalists out there “reporting” the news today were the catalyst for this blog post. To call most of them journalists is in itself a huge joke because that profession, in large part, is dead. They are SELLING us their point of view. It is their point of view or that of the media entity they work for, but either way, the bias is there.  Much of what I am talking about is probably political in nature more than anything else. Neither group can claim innocence, as the affiliation on both sides is clear. Whatever happened to simply reporting the news?!? Now they just SELL the news. 

Don’t stop there, either – how about your doctor? I was in to see my dentist and was shocked when the receptionist, the hygienist, and even the doc himself asked me to purchase any number of things from teeth whitening to Invisalign to the newest toothbrush. (Should a toothbrush really cost $150??!!!) I realize that the healthcare system is under pressure and these guys need to find alternative revenue streams, but we used to be safe from sales people in the dentist chair. Didn’t we? Steve-Martin-Dental-Drill-300x300

None of this would be bothering me if people were more authentic in their approach. Don’t come at us giving us the impression that you are trying to enlighten us, “report news,” or help us in some way when, in reality, you are simply trying to SELL us your point of view or product. The great thing about the social media space today is that it smokes out disingenuous people. If you are not authentic on most social media platforms, the community will attack, and it is beautiful to see when it happens. There is no need to be sneaky. Tell us who you are, what you stand for, and why we need what you have – just make it clear. The real truth of it is, if you have great product ideas, all that is really needed is an education about the benefits that exist as a result of someone adopting your product, service, or point of view. The consumer will decide in your favor if the story is compelling. Effective communication is the key here, so pick the right message and distribution method and you are well on your way. Think about the companies out there just selling the hell out of their products versus the ones that are really trying to educate the consumer. Who has a higher perceived value in your mind?

What do you think? Do your products sell themselves or is there such a thing?

4 thoughts on “Stop Selling!

  1. Great article Mark! The closest thing to a product selling itself is Tempur-Pedic. And look at the amount of resources they dedicate to training. In the past 31 years I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of the best RSAs. While they all look different and have a wide range of personalities they all have one thing in common they are authentic! They tell the customer straight exactly what a product will and won’t do for them. They leave their personal views to the side and focus on the best creative solution for the customer! Their customers love them for it, are happy with the products and the sales process and become lifelong customers!

    1. Great comment Pete and you are right, authenticity goes a long way. Tempur has done a fantastic job of creating interest and demand in their product and they have been paid well for that there is no doubt. It sure makes it nice at point of sale when the consumer is already confident in your brand.Thanks for reading.


  2. Good stuff! Staying focused on the true benefits of a product and conducting your sales presentation with a true authentic approach is hard to find these days. To me a sales person who is authentic always leaves a stronger and longer lasting impression than your average “Slick Willy” salesman!!

    1. I agree Brian and it is hard to find today. That is pretty funny if you think about it because who doesn’t like to be dealt with that way? You would think there would be more of it! Thanks for reading.

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