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Sleep Geek 3.0 Has Me Fired Up

You read that headline correctly – I am FIRED UP today because we launched Sleep Geek 3.0. For those of you that don’t know, more than two years ago we created a community called Sleep Geek, purpose-built for retail sales associates – and really great for anyoneSleep Geek 3.0 in the mattress industry. The idea here is if we as a group are going to improve our position on the consumer’s “what-crap-am-I-going-to-buy-this-weekend” list, we need to be better than the people selling cars, home theaters, or even other home furnishings. Sleep Geek 3.0 is the new-and-improved version that will feature a variety of writers, great new content, no more log-in to access the site (unless you are going to attend Geek University), social share buttons, and other stuff you would never really expect. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 1.43.14 PM

Do you like your industry? Have you learned everything you need to know about it or about the sleep ecosystem? Do you think that other thought leaders out there might be able to share some wisdom with you that could make a difference? Do you have some information that could help others? Would you like to make your job a little more fun? See where we are going here? I called it a community for a reason: It needs YOU to be successful. I just wrote an article for Click Z in which I mentioned a quote from one of the all-time great motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar. He said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” We think Sleep Geek can facilitate that process.

The new 3.0 is a dynamic space for everyone to enjoy. We will be looking at what is going on inside the industry, but we are also going to step outside so we can share the latest in technology, as well as successful marketing campaigns and retail strategies that work for other consumer products companies. It’s unlike anything in our industry, so if you want to read what thought leaders are saying, or to see what “cool” looks like in the mattress business, is where you should be!

So click on this link and check it out right now. Set a bookmark and visit frequently as new content will be added all the time. Or, register and you’ll never have to remember to visit because we’ll send you an email every Monday with all things Sleep Geek. Signing up will also make it easy to share something you like with your friends in the industry. Don’t be the person that is unaware; be the one who is in front of the latest and greatest.

There has been a small army of people working for the last six months to get this ready for today, so take Sleep Geek 3.0 for a test drive and let us know what you think!



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