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Products, People, Party: ISPA 2014 Is Coming

Rarely, if ever, do I use this blog to talk about my company or the products we create for the industry, but I am going to make an exception today as we approach our Super Bowl, the ISPA Expo 2014.  NOLA_w-tag_4C

Every two years the International Sleep Products Association hosts companies from around the globe and this year the event takes place in one of the most exciting cities in the world – New Orleans, Louisiana.

If you are new, this is the trade show where the largest mattress industry suppliers in the world come together to display the latest and greatest components, machines, and processes so we might produce sleep solutions that are more compelling and relevant to the consumers out there. The question is, will it be exciting enough to get their interest?

If you are a bedding brand planning to attend ISPA, here are a few thoughts on criteria when selecting supplier partners to help you launch your new lines. 

  1. Are they leaders in their space? Or do they simply follow those that are taking risks? Do they spend money on research and development? Are they the group that you want to be connected to long term?
  2. Are they trying to figure out creative solutions to complex problems YOU are facing, or are they only carving out a niche so they can sell stuff? Are they customer-focused or do they just have an agenda?
  3. Is it the kind of company that can and will add value to what you do on a daily basis? Maybe they don’t have it exactly right today, but will a strategic partnership with them pay off long term?

No matter what you are looking for, there is no doubt you will be able to find it in New Orleans! (If you want to see some footage from ISPA 2012 in Indianapolis, just give this link a click).

If you are one of the valued Leggett & Platt customers, don’t forget our huge customer appreciation party featuring the coolest performance band on the planet, Party on the Moon. This band has performed for us at the past two ISPA shows and is back by popular demand. Don’t take my word for it; they have performed for Donald Trump, presidential inaugural festivities, and hundreds of other corporate events. If you have not attended in the past, you can visit this site for a little taste of their talent – but trust me when I say the live version is better. The great thing about this celebration is that for the first time EVER, we will see a live performance of our rap song Get Hybrid, so do not miss out on that! You never know what will happen.

Finally, I would like to share a list of products Leggett & Platt will be sharing at the show. One of the highlights is our new SuperBed concept, which is a mattress made almost completely of steel, using NO FOAM at all but still delivering ultra plush comfort. We will use our new NanoCoil™ spring comfort layer as well as our all-new Quantum® Edge steel perimeter for the best seat edge out there. See below for more highlights from Leggett & Platt companies. We look forward to seeing you in NOLA!

Get all the ISPA action on Twitter by searching #ISPAExpo and following @SleepGeekGame.


Global Systems Group

Leggett & Platt’s Global Systems Group will be demonstrating new machinery and technology in quilting, zipper cover production, engineered borders, sewing room, and packaging processes.

Hanes Industries

Aiming to take existing nonwovens to new levels, Hanes Industries will be helping customers improve product quality by combining products to eliminate SKUs while increasing efficiency.

Home Furniture Components

Several items will be on display from the Home Furniture Components unit, including the new 300ez Lay-Flat recliner design, which allows full layout in the recline position, and the Classic Square Sofa Sleep system with wooden slat support and a new gel-embedded hybrid mattress.

Adjustable Bed Group

The biggest showing from the Adjustable Bed Group will be the Custom Choice Collection, which allows buyers to create a custom adjustable base line from top to bottom. The value-priced brío adjustable base will also be on display. Both product lines deliver top quality and value, and can be purchased factory-direct or through convenient distribution locations.

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