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Blind Faith

When I was first approached about leaving Leggett and Platt my initial reaction to that conversation was intrigue, followed by skepticism, followed by excitement. Like any big decision we make we have to consider what is on the table and then we analyze it and ultimately make a decision. In my case I reached out to my family to discuss it (most of them have worked in the mattress industry so that helped), and then I made the call after careful consideration of the risk and reward connected to that kind of move in my life. But on some level it is like running off of a plane with your parachute on yelling GERONIMO.  You can calculate all you want but at the end of the day you just have to BELIEVE it is the right thing.

sky diving

 In the book Blink  by Malcolm Gladwell he talks about how we make decisions using our instincts and trusting that inner voice. There is no doubt in my case, that is exactly how I made my ultimate decision to start something new in my life. Yes I gave heavy consideration to many things as I debated leaving a perfectly good job, in a safe environment, with a very conservative company that would provide a lot of security for my family and me in the years to come. What I left for is totally opposite of that but I knew down deep that it was the right thing to do.

Sometimes you have to allow that instinct to win out over logic. Sometimes you have to trust yourself even when facing uncertainty. Sometimes you just have to have a blind faith that you are equipped to face whatever life throws at you. If you are waiting for someone to give you some assurance that it is all going to be okay, you are going to miss out on that adventure that could take you to exciting new places.

There is a real good chance that I could fail in what is next for me but my heart is telling me to charge ahead with conviction. I know that we are going to face some challenges along the way, but on this issue, I have enough passion for what I am doing to fuel the fire to get me to where I am going. I am blessed with that incredible feeling that there is nothing that can keep us from winning.  So as Roy Williams says in his Monday Morning Memo, get your hopes up or nothing will every happen. “Not a bloody thing.”

Is passion driving you today? Have you ever had that blind faith that helped you break down walls and propel you into something incredible?



2 thoughts on “Blind Faith

  1. Career decisions are business decisions also! We can’t always rely on facts, figures, and date to make every decision. And no career is ever 100% safe, even in the biggest companies. I also made a career change this year leaving a company that is #1 in it’s field. My gut and heart told me it was time to move on-and 90 days into my new venture, it seems like the right choice. Jumping out and yelling “Geronimo” keeps life interesting-just don’t forget your parachute!

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