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When you are hanging around the living room with your family and friends during the holiday and are looking for something fun to do, I have a great idea for you. It’s called Kahoot; and it’s free! (Thank you big sister Cari Quinn with Tempur-Pedic for this awesome idea.)

Kahoot is a game that was developed for the classroom but there is a great application for group trivia. You can create your own list of questions or choose from a list of sports, history, entertainment etc. The more you get right the more you score and the faster you answer the better you rank. At the end of each question it scores the fastest correct answer in your group and shows you a leader board after each response so you always know who is winning. (Said differently, it shows you the score so you can talk enormous amounts of trash to your family and friends once you smoke them on the answer.) You can team up or you can play alone. All you need is a device that is connected to the internet in some way to act as your personal remote control. (For a complete run down on rules and how to play visit their blog HERE.)



Go to Kahoot! HERE and sign up. Then gather your gamers around a computer screen or television and get ready to rumble! (TIP: We have Apple TV so we projected a mirror image of that computer on to a larger television screen so all could see well and nobody complained that Uncle Fred’s head was too fat to see around!)

Trust me on this one, it is EASY to set up and we had a blast playing it. We actually learned a few things in the process so give it a try.

If you have not yet read my Christmas Blog please do so, it’s called Great Things Ahead.

Once again I wish you all the very best Christmas and Happy New Year. Don’t forget to make it to church this week and celebrate the REAL reason for CHRISTmas.

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