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Ernest Hemingway once said,  “You make your own luck.” I think that is mostly true. I bring it up because I was reflecting on what I believe is a missed opportunity for the mattress industry on Valentine’s Day. I have written about this before so I know I am beating what could be a dead horse, but let me make a case.

valentines day

Every night after a long day of working, taking care of kids, driving people everywhere for events, running errands, looking after the house, getting homework done, we all retire to our bedroom. This is the place where every day ends and begins. It is the one room of the house that is private above all other rooms and where many important conversations happen between couples. You lie in bed at night laughing about your day, solving problems, and just connecting with that person you are doing life with. You also wake up together in bed, talk about the party you attended the night before, share the dreams you just had, and maybe even plan your day. You come to your bedroom to talk, share secrets, and for those intimate moments. Is there a room in your house that says romance more than your master suite?

A box of chocolates and some flowers has become the default gift for Valentine’s Day. I understand why, but I think there is a way for us to push our way onto the list of possible gifts for Valentines’ Day. Your bed is the place where romance happens. Isn’t your bed that safe place, that romantic place, that comfortable place where life occurs? So how is it that we as an industry don’t celebrate that aspect of our product.

Its not like we don’t have  a right to claim a role in romance. We are not manufacturing a reason for a sale. Presidents Day is a perfect day for a mattress sale because after all, President’s sleep in a bed so of course we will have big mattress events right!?!? I am being a wise guy but you get the point.

Maybe we shouldn’t necessarily be running sales on Valentine’s Day but I think there is something here for the creative mind to unravel. A cool social media campaign perhaps? Check this link out to see what some companies did to capitalize on this special day for lovers. Or you can watch this video from Hallmark to see how they bring emotion into their business. What do you think, should somebody be doing something different with this holiday to highlight the master bedroom mattress? Who has developed a good campaign for Valentine’s Day? Send me some examples in the comments section!

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