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What Business Are You In?

One of my favorite people to read in the marketing space is Seth Godin. This guy is brilliant and is able to say what he wants to say in a very concise way so I am going to do my best to make my post more brief! So here it goes. :)

What do you do for a living? Does your company make or sell mattresses or something else related to the master bedroom and sleep? If that is the case and all you do on your website or in your advertising is deliver that message then you are missing it completely.

I just read this article about sleep and the incredible movement around sleep, tracking sleep, improving sleep, understanding sleep etc. The impact it had on me was that this whole industry we are in is blowing up. In a great way. Google, Apple and others are well aware of how important sleep is and how much opportunity there is to capitalize on something that so many value so dearly.

This could be YOU.
This could be YOU.

If you are in the mattress, pillow, coil, protector, or adjustable bed business, the rocket ship is going to leave without you. If however, you are in the business to improve sleep and quality of life then you might get a seat. Don’t tell me you are, show me on your website, podcast, video series, business cards, or in store point of sale/selling presentation. If people are willing to buy a device to measure sleep then it stands to reason they are going to want to see improvement. If your products don’t add to the sleep experience in some way, where does that leave you?

Some people that understand this in a big way are Pete Primeau and Doug Stewart. They are both launching new podcast this month and are definitely worth checking out so click HERE for more info on that. These guys want great things for you and for this industry so take a look at what they are doing.

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