Back Next Week!

I am sorry to the faithful followers of this blog for being out of the saddle. Last week I was in Orlando, Florida where my daughter was playing in the fast pitch softball World Series at the ESPN/Disney Wide World of Sports complex. They took 7th place which really isn’t too bad considering we are small team from a small market playing against the big guys. Then we hit Universal Studios and met Harry Potter, went shark fishing and now we are in Rosemary Beach in Florida enjoying some family time on the beach.  Next week I will be back at it!

The Quinn's at Graceland. This was on my son's bucket list so there you go. :)
The Quinn’s at Graceland. This was on my son’s bucket list so there you go. 🙂

What I have confirmed once again this last few weeks is that you have to carve out time for yourself and your family to keep things where they should be. Investing time and money on a vacation where you make incredible memories and connect with your wife and kids on a deeper level is something that I will always be grateful for. I hope you have had that kind of time with your family this summer.

Talk to you next week!



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