Discount Tire Doesn’t Discount The Experience

So…I exit interstate 44 on Range line, (in our little town that is a busy spot) and I hit something and my tire goes immediately flat. I am in the worst possible place, lots of traffic right at rush hour, and no way to change the tire safely. My son Nick says a little prayer and one minute later, (not kidding) Jerry from Ford, Duane Preskey the Assistant Vice President of the new Discount Tire on Range Line, and Metro Towing arrive to assist me and both of my kids. With the flashing lights of the tow truck we were able to get the spare on and get us out of the middle of traffic. If you want somebody in your corner praying for you, I suggest you reach out to my son!

This is the beginning of the story and it gets a little weird after that so listen to this Sleep Geek podcast to hear the rest of the story and how Mark Kinsley and I both end up raving about Discount Tire and their incredible approach to customer service.  Little did I know at the time, after blasting social media singing the praises of Discount Tire, Kinsley actually had his own experience with those guys and had written his own blog about that which you can read HERE. I am pretty sure the Discount Tire guys are going to think mattress people are a bunch of freaks that love tires.


My new best buddy Duane from Discout Tire
My new best buddy Duane from Discout Tire

It was great to be in the studio with Kinsley again and it confirmed how much I miss hanging out with that guy on a daily basis. While we were in studio we produced a second podcast where Mark gets the latest update on Spink and Edgar, details on when we launch product, the challenges we have had along the way, my new found respect for product design, and why I am more convinced than ever that we are going to make a great impact in the market.  If you are interested in that update listen to THIS PODCAST for all of the juicy details.

I am on a plane about to take off to celebrate my sisters 50th birthday with friends and family in Houston, so I will sign off and wish you all a great weekend. Make it count!


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