What’s On Your Christmas List?

How fired up would you be if you were to see a news story about the top 10 most requested Christmas items from kids this year, and a new mattress actually made that list? Let’s just have a little fun with this and play the game of “what if”. So what would kids have to believe in order to actually WANT or request a new mattress for Christmas? (I am going to speak to the 10-16 age group here because the little ones are going to want the toys no matter what you do!) A mattress/better sleep can…..

  1. Help me get better grades so I am not struggling as much in school.
  2. Make me perform better on the field or court so I can play great offense and defense and win more games.
  3. Assist me in choir or band so it is easier for me to memorize my music.
  4. Make me a better actor for the school play so I can get up there and deliver a  performance that will bring the house down.
  5. Help me to be someone that others want to be around because my attitude would be awesome and people like to hang around other positive people.

naughty list

Do these things get us on that list? Maybe not, but in some cases maybe it does. My daughter is 13 and she plays softball, volleyball, and basketball as well as attends a school that is famous for sending home large amounts of homework. Her days and nights are very full so when you ask her about how she values sleep, you will hear a very passionate response. My son is 11 and his story is the same and I know that many of you have kids just as busy. When they climb into their bed, what kind of experience is that?

Think about it this way…we are not relevant to the consumer unless we are speaking their language. Do kids know that good sleep can deliver these kinds of benefits? If they did, could we inch closer to making Santa’s list? I bet we could if kids VALUED sleep differently. I know I am not crazy because I have heard stories from the Tempur-Pedic team about kids asking for their beds for Christmas and I have actually seen that first hand. Well done guys.

The point isn’t literally to get on that Christmas list, but to make sure that what we are doing to position our products happens in a way that we are connecting with people where they are, in their language, speaking about things that are important to them. I know if we did that with kids we would at least have a shot at making the list.

So tell me, what do you want from Santa this year?!?


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