Connecting The Dots

For years I could never understand why bedding producers and retailers didn’t focus more of their resources on telling the real story about a mattress so when it came time to build our new website, we knew we had an opportunity. When I say the “real story”,  I mean celebrate the fact that the mattress can deliver a great night of sleep which can improve your quality of life. This is emotional and compelling and should be a central part of what we are all talking about in our point of sale, advertising, and on our websites which brings me to my point.

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We have finally launched our new website now that we have products in the market and we are really excited about it. Our goal was to take the dotted line that exist between the mattress and good sleep and do our best to make that a solid line that trumpets the real benefits of a great mattress. Some things you will find on the new Spink and Edgar site.

  • The back story on WHY we decided to bring these products to market. If you don’t have the “WHY” figured out for any business you are really missing it. Just ask Simon Sinek or watch this video
  • Consumers love stories so we tried to make sure that the rsa’s out there have a great one to tell when it comes time to sell our mattresses. We grow beds. Pretty simple.
  • In addition to WHY we brought these products to market we wanted to answer the question of WHY luxury? We also value all of the work that went into designing these beds so you can get all of that and meet Simon Spinks, the innovator that built our story in THIS section.  While your there you can check out a quick video on why coil counts matter and how important they are to the comfort life of a bed.
  • We have always been big fans of Zappos and how they use video to teach consumers about their products. We loved it so much that we borrowed the idea and created our own videos for each of our products. Every video starts with the story about the bed and then on the back half we show the farm and where those beds came from. A product photo just doesn’t do a Spink and Edgar justice so this seemed to be a better solution. A picture might paint a thousand words, but a video brings it to life.
  • You have heard me talk about serving the consumer a lot in this blog so we are going to make sure we do that on our site. We have a section called the Scholar which is full of original content that our writers have produced. We talk about ways to improve your sleep environment, how luxury mattress brands differ, and why natural is a better choice over synthetic raw materials. Yes we even talk about why Spink and Edgar is better for intimacy, but if you have been reading this blog very long, you knew that would be included. People don’t just sleep in their beds after all so let’s be grown ups and talk about that. 🙂

I served on the Better Sleep Council for several years and really enjoyed my time with that group of people. Ryan Trainer, Mary Helen Uusimaki and Karin Mahoney are great people and were a lot of fun to work with. We talked a lot about getting the consumer to understand the emotional benefits of buying a new bed, so many of those conversations are coming to life on this site. It has been a fun project for my brother and I and we hope that you take a few minutes to check it out. (Mary Helen, a resource center where we link to the BSC is coming I promise!)

My hat is off to Studio C5, the real brains behind this effort. Carlos Arnavat is their servant leader, (his title is actually Chief Servant) and his group totally gets it. At every stage of development over the last 6 months they have been really great to work with so THANK YOU to everyone there that kicked some serious butt for us at Spink and Edgar. I also want to thank Nate and Danny at Zeus Visuals that helped us produce many of the videos you see on the site. They are equally awesome and we have had a great time working with them as well. Thank God for these partners because without them we wouldn’t have what we do today.



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