When It Rains, It Floods

My parents and brother and sister all live in Houston, Texas and have been experiencing extreme weather over this past week and are expecting even more rain today. On April 18th the rain started falling in Houston and didn’t stop until some areas accumulated up to 20″ destroying many homes and killing seven people. (So far.) It’s so bad the Governor of Texas has declared a state of emergency.

My buddy Ryan Rodenbeck from Mattress Firm sent me an email alerting me to a bad situation as a result of this weather. Elijah Gomez-Spiers, one of Ryan’s co-workers, was hit hard by the rain causing three feet of flooding to their home. They were forced up to the second floor where they waited over 15 hours for the waters to retract allowing them to escape safely. But the damage was done; their home destroyed.

I have experienced a natural disaster as a tornado ripped through my town of Joplin so I can relate to the carnage something like a flood can leave behind. Imagine Elijah’s family trying to pick up the pieces and how it must feel to see everything you own under water. They have a long road ahead in terms of finding a place to live, fixing or possibly rebuilding their home, and replacing even the most basic needs like clothing and a place to sleep. (I am guessing they have that one under control.)

What's left of Elijah's home.
What’s left of Elijah’s home.

Let’s rally around Elijah and his family! Ryan started a Go Fund me page for Elijah that you can visit right now.  You don’t have to give a lot but I would really appreciate it if you would  stop by the page and give $10-$20 and maybe even send a note of encouragement to them. It may not seem like a lot but in a situation like this everything counts. Imagine the impact you can make on someone not just by giving them a few bucks but sending them a message that there are people out there that are concerned about their well being.

I have seen this industry be incredibly generous so I hope we can do a little to help Elijah and his family get back on their feet. Thank you in advance Q’s Views readers!

PS Well done Ryan Rodenbeck. Great to see you driving this!!!


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