4 Ways To Survive The Next 4 Days Of Politics

If your like most, you have had it with all of the political nonsense because this year’s Presidential election has been unlike any other in recent history. Not only are the gloves off, but the knives and bats are out. I have a few thoughts for you on how to survive the final four days.

  • Take the high road. You may be in a discussion that turns into an argument, and then that argument gets heated. Don’t resort to name calling and maintain calm. You will be happy you did and will ultimate win the debate regardless of what was said because you kept your cool. If all else fails take the opposite approach, goad them along making outrageous claims, and watch their head pop off.
  • Get away from the media. This one will be very hard for me because I enjoy the theatre of it all, the marketing tactics, and the strategy, but at the end of the day the pundits and polling can make you crazy. Tune it in every now and then but limit your exposure. In case of emergency, purchase one of these foam bricks to throw at the television.
  • Step back from social media. I know that it can drive you crazy seeing somebody posting something against your candidate. (Rarely is that post in favor of their own.) If you can find a thread where there is a substantive debate going on then engage, HOWEVER, there is very little of that going on. I sincerely doubt you are going to change anyone’s mind at this point so just resist the urge to point out how stupid you think they are. Seriously….use the force Luke.
  • Most important, value your friends and family more than you do your “opinion” on who will be better as our next President. I know you are passionate about the election and that is good, but this thing is going to be over in a few days so you really have to ask yourself, is it worth a friendship or relationship with a family member. These people are likely going to be in your life for the long haul and at the end of the day, our connection to people is something that brings joy to life. Now if they are morons and don’t understand how the other candidate is going to ruin the country, then kick their butt to the curb. KIDDING!


If we can’t respect one another for having a different opinion then we are no better than the candidates running for office. When you are in a political discussion do your best to look for common ground and just understand that even though someone might disagree with your position, at the end of the day they are passionate in the same way you are because they care about this country and where it is headed. I think that is something that most of us can agree on. If we stay divided on this stuff, how do improve things?

My prediction? Don’t have a name for you but I do know that half of the country is going to be very upset on Wednesday, and the other half is going to be relieved. If you are on the winning side, consider how the losing side is feeling and respect that.

The good news is that it will all be over in a few days and we can move past it and focus on more important things like selling mattresses. After this one, half of our customers out there are going to want to crawl into their bed in a fetal position and fall into a deep sleep. Isn’t it better for them if they have a good mattress to do it on?

“All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome.” George Orwell


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