Go Ahead. Be A Hero.

Well, it’s time to launch this site. My brother Jef and I have been working on herobed.com for over a year and we’re really excited to see what it can do. As I said in one of my previous blogs, we didn’t want to be like everyone else launching a bed in a box so now you can determine if we accomplished that goal.

We will let the site stand on its own without a lot of explanation, but we want people to know that this is about more than selling beds for us. Imagine what happens if people go to this website and see our story on Camp Blessing and it changes how they see special needs kids. (Scroll to the bottom of the landing page for that story.) Imagine if someone goes to herobed and watches a story in the Wall of Heroes that inspires them to go do something bigger than themselves. Imagine if someone shares their story of a local hero that has made a profound impact on them or their community. Is it true that being grateful is being happy? How about the unsung hero that receives that adulation; does it fuel them to do more? Imagine if we all have something better to do on social media than bitch about where we are with politics.

Our press release will come out tomorrow so be on lookout for that. We will include some interesting consumer research we did about the unsung hero of sleep. Any guess as to what that is?

So. Who’s your hero?



3 thoughts on “Go Ahead. Be A Hero.

  1. Mark, I love the web site, love your unique mattress design, love your bold pricing, love the hero aspect. We were at one time going to do a similar thing called Purple Angels, but it was technically difficult and didn’t get done, so I know this was a lot of smart work. You are actually one of the heroes in my professional life, knowing what you did to help champion my company’s cause with your company years ago, and in my personal life, knowing that you are willing to show your faith in God as part of your blog. We at Purple wish you the very best in this endeavor.

    1. What a nice note Tony, it is great to hear from you on this. We have had a long history together in this industry and I was happy to support what I thought was a great opportunity for Leggett and Platt. Congratulations on all of your success at Purple. You have certainly earned it with some very outside the box thinking. You are smart to have trusted your agency, they are doing well by you! Thanks for your friendship and brotherhood.

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