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A Whale Of A Problem

Hello from the Cayman Islands. I took the family away for the week to enjoy some time together and recharge the battery. I always feel a little guilty leaving work when so much is going on but we all know that you have to take time for yourself to be at your best. Sort of like getting enough sleep right!?!

I am up early posting this so I am not taking time away from the family, but I wanted to share something with you that I saw in a restaurant yesterday.

The inspiration for my post today.

How many times do we make a decision without looking at it from all sides? Sure, we try to think through it strategically identifying the upside and downside and how to mitigate any negative but can you really think of it all? In our defense, it’s hard to see what’s not visible but that just means we need to spend that much more time looking for the potential problems.

For me, I don’t want to dive too deep in fear that I will uncover something that will keep me from making the decision that I WANT to make. How stupid is this approach!?!? Truth be told, those issues could make that move a lot less fun and profitable in the long run. Be careful not to let your passion for something take over and get you into a mess that is both costly and painful to get out of. Beware of what lurks below the surface!

Back to the beach; I’m exahusted. 🙂



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