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Is Your Website Making You Money?

A guy walks up to you and he is wearing clothes that look like they have been balled up in the corner of his room. Shirt is wrinkled, two sizes too small to where his belly is hanging out, cigarette burns right in the middle, pants too short that show off his two different colored socks, and to top it all off, he is wearing a pair of shoes that look as if he has walked 1,000 miles in the mud. What kind of impression do you have of this person?

Now, shift gears with me here. What does your website look like? Does it fully represent who you are as a company? Is your philosophy clearly communicated to your audience? Is your copy written in a way that is not only engaging but easy to understand ? Do you build value in your products in a way that separates you from all of your competition? (Visit their site and see what they are doing.)


Your website is an extension of your company brand, and for many consumers out there, it is their FIRST impression of who you really are.  (All you B2B guys, this goes for you as well.) I have read that up to 85% of the people out there begin their shopping process online so if that is the case, are you placing the proper amount of focus on that part of your business?


Websites don’t have to just look and feel good to the visitor they actually have to perform.

  • Do you have information that will keep your visitors on site for more than a few minutes?
  • Is your site easy to navigate? Can you get to relevant information in just a click or two or is your bounce rate high leaving your customers wanting more?
  • Are you easy for people to interface with on a mobile device? (A lot of traffic comes in this way so do not ignore or underestimate the importance of this one!)
  • Are you optimized for search so that the people looking for the products you sell can find you in organic ways? Do you have backlinks built to your site from other sites with good authority?
  • Do you have the right design that will convert the visitor into action which will lead to a sale?

If this stuff is intimidating to you, your not alone believe me. But the fact of the matter is, you don’t really have a choice anymore. If your website isn’t driving interest and business to your company then you need to get it fixed. If you want some help on that I will offer you a name of someone that I trust and have done business with for years. He is a great guy and created spinkandedgarusa.com for us (which our customers tell me is the best luxury bedding site online).  His name is Carlos Arnavat and you can contact him if you have the need. 314-549-5052 or email at c4@studioc5.com. He works with mattress wholesale and retail companies already so you will not have to teach him the industry.  If you tell him you are a Q’s Views reader he will take extra good care of you with a free consultation on your site. 🙂

Don’t be that guy wearing the bad clothes. Dress like your going to meet the Pope, check yourself out in the mirror (let Carlos evaluate where you are), and get ready for some awesome things to happen. If you don’t wow me online, there is no reason for me to work with you so it’s gut check time! Is your site working? How do you know?


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