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What Are You About?

I recently saw some advertising for a mattress retailer getting ready for the holidays. I have this to say to everybody that reads this blog no matter what part of this industry you are in.

If all you do in your advertising is shout sale with a slightly different offer, and change the name of the promotion, you have a big problem. If you have nothing else to talk about, no other value to share, no other stories to tell, then you will eventually lose to someone that does.


If you are angry at me for writing this post then maybe you are one of “these” people. If I am “preaching to the choir” then raise your hand in the next meeting. 🙂


One thought on “What Are You About?

  1. I couldn’t agree with this more, Mark. We’ve done our best to get our retail clients to understand this for years. Great reminder for everyone.

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