Politics On Trial For Murdering Relationships

It’s so frustrating to hear people talk politics these days. The conversations have become so emotional that very little good comes from it. Facebook seems to be the place where a lot of this happens which is fine, but things spin out of control pretty fast so what’s the problem?

  • People post stuff that is very inflammatory and lacks any support from actual facts so the audience shuts down before they get done reading what’s been written.
  • The intention behind what’s written isn’t to spark a healthy conversation, it’s to troll the other side and piss people off.
  • When the conversation breaks down, the name calling begins so LOOK OUT.
  • Participants aren’t engaged to learn anything. They aren’t even listening really. They are just trying to make their point and ONE UP the losers they are up against.
  • When you KNOW you are right you leave very little room for empathy, and when you stop trying to understand the opposing view, you prevent a healthy dialogue.

Two very good friends of mine, Sean and Sarah Bergman, invited me to dinner around the time of the last Presidential election. We all had questions about different things so we decided we would order a few-okay maybe it was three-bottles of wine and figure it all out. We didn’t change each other’s minds on everything, but we did leave that dinner understanding where the other side was coming from. Most importantly, we left that meal even better friends; love those guys.

Remember this…politicians want you to hate the other side because when you do, they can raise money. If they keep us angry at each other, then there is less attention and oversight on what they are up to in DC. Why is it that we can’t agree to disagree? For all of you politicians, television pundits, talk radio personalities, professional athletes, and assorted celebrities I say get a freaking grip. Act like the adult in the room and understand that you have the ability to bring people together. Let’s not stop there, we all have that ability so why don’t we spend our time looking for common ground and solutions!

Do me a favor if you are somebody that gets into it with friends and family ask yourself if it’s really worth the loss of a relationship. I have family members and friends that I don’t agree with when it comes to this stuff so you know how I handle them? I find other things to talk about because I know I’m NOT going to change their mind so what’s the point? Their friendship is way more important than the politics of the day. If you need to be right on this stuff then you NEED to check yourself. I’m not saying to stay home and keep your passion to yourself but avoid these topics with the people closest to you if you don’t agree with what’s happening out there, volunteer to knock on doors for your party and get out the vote. That’s the only way you will see change happen anyway. Know anybody that should read this…then share away!

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10 thoughts on “Politics On Trial For Murdering Relationships

  1. Great read, thanks, Mark.

    It’s refreshing and timely as its so difficult to avoid getting sucked into the political vortex. I admit, for myself – its difficult to stay clear of it all. Crazy how bad it’s getting overall, but you are correct – relationships are precious and differences aren’t worth damaging over politics.

    I much rather live by being eternally-driven.

    Believers like myself need to be reminded in today’s world of political craziness – of what the Bible says about all this in. Like in 1 Peter 2:17 (honoring our President) and Romans 13:1-2 (submit to Government) but to name a couple.

    No matter how much we disagree with or disapprove of Trump, we must realize that God has placed him there to accomplish His own sovereign purpose, as God did with Pharoah in Moses’ day.

    For the Scripture says to Pharaoh, “For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I might show my power in you, and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” Romans 9:17

    Anyways, I simply wanted to say thanks and tell you how much I appreciate your boldness and truth in love.


  2. You hit the nail squarely on the head with this one. So many of my friends get so frantic in wanting you to agree with them without wanting to even discuss it. I have found myself it’s better to keep my political leanings to myself for friends and family sake.

  3. Mark, like you I have many friends both within and outside our industry. From time to time we get involved in discussions about politics which can get heated but remain respectful. I think too often people on both sides make the assumption that people with whom they disagree are evil or stupid or some combination of both. I always assume that the people with whom I disagree are well intentioned and love our country as much as I do. When you do that it makes for far less animosity even while disagreeing strongly.

  4. Well said and timely blog post Mark. Have to admit I’m firm in my political convictions and love a good debate/discussion on the past, current and future state of things in DC and local governments. Have done my best to keep it civil and make sure that I’m listening as much as I’m talking. I always try to remember this one sniglet.. Each of us has had a different path to our current place in life. Different life experiences have formed our outlook and opinions. Who we vote for, how we feel about the role of government in our life is a porthole into our past. 3 bottles of wine and an open mind can actually deepen your connection and improve your relationships..

    1. No doubt Barry and conviction is a good thing and as you know, share in your passion for politics. Just hope that people give some thought to their approach to a peaceful debate as we near the mid-terms!

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