Signing Off

This will be my last post of 2018 and given the holiday I wanted to make it about something more than mattresses. The great thing about this blog for me personally is that I see it as a way to hopefully shine some light every now and then.

My wife just popped her head into my office as I type this and was pretty stressed out about going to the neighbors tonight and the food she has to make, last minute shopping, present wrapping etc. I have to admit that the pressure in my house for the holiday definitely falls on her and most moms/wives out there. So guys if this is true for you get in the game! Don’t just offer to help, just start doing stuff. But past that, I hope that everyone is able to think about what this time is really about.

For me it’s about my God who is so incredibly good he sent his son down to earth to show us what living a good life is supposed to look like all the while knowing that His life would end in the most tragic of ways. It’s about a lady named Mary that conceived a child as a virgin and a guy named Joseph who was dating her at the time and had to deal with how that looked but hung in there despite how tough it had to be. “So what you’re saying is that you didn’t sleep around on me but still got pregnant and you want me to marry you and be the father. Hmmmmm.” If you don’t buy into any of this I hope you connect with something of deeper meaning over the holiday in your own way.

If you are not in the Christmas spirit yet I have the perfect way for you to get that going. Make this year about other people and see what happens. Give some time to those that need some help or reach out to someone that you know might be hurting and just be there for them. Throw in a little holiday music, maybe Hallelujah from Pentatonix, and you are there.

For anyone out there that lost someone this year or is missing someone for whatever reason I am thinking about you and praying for you every day. If the holidays are tough on you for other reasons, the same goes, you are not alone I’m thinking about you also.

From my family to yours have a great holiday and enjoy each other!


If you have a lot of family and are not going to be together this year, try this game/app called Psych! You can play together no matter where you are…it’s loads of fun and very competitive so have a blast. In the past I make a strong push to have people stay off of their phones but we can make an exception in this case. Give it a try!




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