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Best Showroom In Vegas. Great Experience Guaranteed!

You are the coach of your kids basketball team and you’re running a motion offense but can’t get the ball to the hole. Do you continue running that same offense or do you try something different that will have a better outcome? You change it up of course! Is business any different?

With Spink and Edgar, we have been working hard to make awesome beds with mostly natural materials grown on our very own farm in Yorkshire, England. The first two versions of the product sold well but we weren’t getting the traction we thought we should so we started talking to the rsa’s that were selling our beds and based on those conversations, we made some big changes to our products over the last 6 months.

  •  We increased the mattress profiles in a big way to improve the perception of value in the luxury space.
  • Placed some very soft foam in the quilt for additional comfort and base foam under the core innerspring to give more structure to the mattress.
  • Started using some very soft, puffy, beautiful stretch knit fabrics so we could better feel the unique raw materials in the product.
  • Because of the fact that we are using small amounts of foam we have been able to differentiate the feels in the collection in a more significant way.
  • Speaking of feels, consumers are going to fall in love as soon as they experience these mattresses!

When we first launched Spink and Edgar we really wanted to keep the product all natural but the fact is, if we continued to do that we were really only targeting about 5-7% of the market. Consumers LOVED the fact that we didn’t use foam however, we just couldn’t get the beds to feel and look the way they needed to in order to be one of the dominant players in the luxury category.  If all we do is make a great bed then we will have to compete with all of the other great beds out there. What happens when you stir in one of the best selling stories in the industry? Here are a few things that separate us from everyone else:

  • We still grow our mattress on our very own farm in England. “From our farm to your bedroom.”
  • The Queen of England continues to favor our company with awards for innovation and international export.
  • We feature the micro-coils that were designed by my partner Simon Spinks that allow us to have coil counts that are 3-5x’s higher than anyone we compete with. Coils extend comfort life. Coils sleep cooler. More coils deliver more support.

When our team finished the product development process we couldn’t help but feel like we had made a mistake on the earlier versions. Maybe we should have used some foam in our beds when we started? Maybe staying too focused on the natural customer was limiting our success. Maybe so. Probably so; but what are you going to do? You evolve and make sure that you are committed to the best possible outcome no matter how many times you change things up. What’s important is that we’ve made a few tweaks and are bringing products to LasVegas market next week that will give our customers something very special to sell that will justify those big price points and profits retailers are so hungry for these days.

It’s not about where you start, it’s about listening to people that matter and knowing when to alter course to get you to the place you want to be. There are many failed companies out there that didn’t listen, didn’t change, and also didn’t succeed.

I am very proud to be partnering up with Dormeo this year in Vegas. They have a great showroom in building B space 980 right off the escalator so come in and pay us a call. These guys are nice enough to give the all-new Spink and Co. collection some wall space to show off our new stuff and the fact is, that we are all in a similar boat.

Dormeo has new products that are unlike anything else in the market utilizing their patented Octaspring technology. In addition, they can deliver a similar “sleep cool” story with the increased airflow in their mattress vs. other memory foam products and they are using much better quality and density foams than almost everybody out there. Bottom line is that we both have a mattress line that delivers big tickets, big profits, exclusive distribution opportunities, with incredible selling stories. Win/Win/Win

Don’t take our word for it, stop in and experience these products for yourself. I promise there won’t be anything like it in all of Las Vegas! We also have some special hangover cures if you’re out too late one night. Come by and let Dr. Quinn, Medicine Man set you up. Where else can you go for that?!?!?

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