What I Learned At Las Vegas Market

We just got back from a very successful trip to the Las Vegas Furniture Market. I know a lot of you reading this don’t really like going to Vegas but that’s not me. I love the energy of that town, the incredible food, amazing shows, and the best people watching anywhere in the world. We did have to work however so we put on some comfortable shoes and went to market and boy was it good.

First of all my thanks to my Josh Miklos, my brother Jeff and the real workhorse Jennifer Parrish for having Spink and Co. as a guest of Dormeo/Sinomax. They were very gracious and nice to include us! Both Dormeo and Spink and Co. had an incredible show, so a big THANK YOU to all that stopped in!

Market is THE place to shop for new lines or sell your new products, but it’s also a great teacher if you are paying attention. So what did I learn this trip?

  • It blows me away at how many mattress producers there are showing in Vegas. Who buys all of these beds?!? Showroom after showroom of rectangles that all pretty much look the same excluding the variation of color and some details on the finish. Just like retailers floors, I guess. More of the same until you run into something that isn’t and when you do…you certainly know it. So does the consumer. Takeaway: The people with new and different win the buzz in the hallways.
  • There was a lot of disappointment with some of the large bedding brands out there. Boring products and poor service continue to be “accepted” by many retailers but from what I was hearing, the patience for that might be running out. To the retailer’s credit, they have given the aforementioned brands a lot of grace which we all need every now and then, but I think people are fed up.
  • My very good friend Mike Magnuson, founder of, is ridiculous when it comes to putting away all you can eat sushi. Mike puts on a clinic when we go and the owner of the restaurant stands in the corner shaking his head in frustration as we order roll after roll of our favorites. Don’t believe me? Ask Jeff Cassidy, Mark Kinsley, or my sister Cari Quinn, they were all there. Next…I think we let Mike take a shot at the Old 96’er. #nomorefoodforyou #youmustgonow
  • I remember when bedding brands would reluctantly roll out a mattress in the box and put it in the corner or back room to show retailers when this all first started. Not now. Everybody is in the game and doing everything they can to hitch their wagon to the growth. Compression bedding is in the spotlight, even if you aren’t selling beds online.
  • There are a lot of retailers out there in search of answers. Traffic is down, sales are off, and many just don’t know why. My hope for them is that they realize the products they carry matter more than ever, protecting their margin is critical, and promoting only product, price and promotion will kill your business and falls well short of where you could be.
  • My friend Doug Krinsky had another huge year at the Ante 4 Autism event raising $147,187 and over $700,000 since 2008. I could not attend due to an important business dinner but my heart is with them every year as this is such a great cause. Go next year if you can, you won’t be sorry.
Mark Kinsley, Mike Magnuson, Cari Quinn, Mark Quinn, Jeff Cassidy

I know that this is going to sound a little mushy but it’s true; I love seeing so many friends each year. The best part of attending market are the brief moments with old friends, hugs in the hallway, photo ops and riding in elevators with David Perry. Seriously, you guys make market great for me so thank you for your friendship, positive feedback on the blog and podcast, and for taking time to stop in and see the new Spink and Co. collection. It means more than you will ever know.

7 thoughts on “What I Learned At Las Vegas Market

  1. Mark, appreciated your note. Especially about the comfortable shoes and hugs in the hallways… We were in Vegas for 21 days out of January for both CES and LVFM. I understand your comment about people watching but I have had enough of that place for a lifetime.. well at least 6 months. You did miss one amazing product although, iOBED we are launching this iOT mattress later this year. Game Changer.
    Hopefully I will see you at Summer market. Last question hugs in the hallways are good.. what if I see you in the elevator? Do we need to wait to get out into a hallway to hug? I am so confused! Scott

    1. I try not to do too much on product reviews in the blog as I know I will leave someone out but glad you mentioned iOBED here, I have heard good things so congratulations! As for the hugs from you, it makes no difference to me…elevator or hallway but if it is the elevator just make sure it happens before the doors open. We don’t want people talking.

        1. Thank you Scott!!! This comment slipped through and didn’t get approved for some reason. Hope you are well!!!

  2. Hi,

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the reviews on the blog, they have helped me a lot and I hope you will keep writing because it’s very useful 🙂

    thanks again!


  3. It amazes me how long trends incubate, and I agree the spotlight was really on the compressed beds at market. So much so, I stopped counting “Boxes ” in showroom windows. I also agree that in the rush for this “new” bedding nirvana, many will fail. We are into a new “barriers to entry field” and the quick may not be the successful.
    As a company who started Compressing products (with you as part of the team) back in 1997 and more than a million mattresses delivered in the compressed box, every day amazes me. It is a great field to work in and the consumer is truly the winner if the producers stay on their game. I think the more consumer centric we are gives a lift to the greater bedding market but this means more than stuffing a mattress into a box.
    We shall see who really gets it at both the producer and retail level.

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