I Hate Being Human

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I was on a walk with my dogs feeling sorry for myself about something not going my way, and then a little ray of light somehow broke through that thinking and I was able to remind myself that faith is a verb. My approach to life is to trust in something bigger than myself and not stress out about outcomes…He’s got me regardless of where it lands. But why do I have to constantly remind myself of this? Why do I have to continue to go through that slide into negative thinking and ultimately push myself into the better place…because I’m human and sometimes being human just sucks.

I hate the negative thinking that beats me down sometimes. I hate doing things that are bad for me knowing that they are bad for me. I hate seeing bad things happen to good people. I hate social injustice, war, death, pain, children in distress, long lines, taxes, when my wife and kids are sad, and I especially hate when the Cubs don’t make it into the playoffs. Sildigra

I asked the Dos Marcos Facebook audience what they hated about being human and Dale Read said he hates the health issues he continues to have as a result of being exposed to agent orange in Vietnam. (Thank you for your service Dale.) TJ Whelan hates his constant battle with depression. And Dan White hates his insatiable desire of always wanting more. Me too.

Getting depressed? Hang on, this is where it turns. 🙂  

But how about the good parts of being human. Feeling the love from my wife and kids. The excitement and anticipation of looking forward to Christmas, birthdays, or a trip to Silver Dollar City with my family.  Driving anywhere with the top-down blasting my favorite playlist. Watching my kids play sports. How about the learning that comes from all of the crappy things that happen? Would we feel joy the way we do, if those things weren’t also going on in our life? Nizagara 100 mg

There are a lot of reasons to hate the hard things that happen to us. I guess it’s up to us not to really hate anything. It’s all perspective and how we choose to think about the things that happen in our life. There is a lot of darkness out there, that’s for sure, but there is also a cure for that. Strike a match…see what happens.




2 thoughts on “I Hate Being Human

  1. Great stuff, as always. Some things you can control and some things the universe will plan out for you. You have to focus on acting for the former and reacting for the latter.

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