What’s Your WOW Factor?

Consumers are shopping for mattresses online more than ever because there are bullshit review sites that over-promise on sub-par products that ultimately fall short of expectations. Many of these online brands could care less about profitability which means they are playing a different game than most of us, resulting in a big increase in acquisition cost making it even more difficult to drive traffic so that you can beat last year’s numbers. So what do you do about it?

I’m reading a book right now called the Experience EconomyA major premise of the book is that in order to thrive in business today you need more than status quo products and a customer service experience that checks the boxes. So how do you do when you measure your company against this thinking? How about this question…how many WOW’s do you deliver to your customer? Do they shop your store and leave saying WOW, that was a killer experience? Was it so good that they will leave and tell someone about it? How about the products you carry, is there a WOW there or are you just carrying what everyone else has?

I will be in Las Vegas in the Knickerbocker/PureCare space in C1595 and if you stop in to see some of our new Spink and Co beds I promise to deliver two WOW’s with the promise of a third.

Introducing Harrison; Chief Wool Officer.

WOW #1: Awesome stories sell products and create excitement with rsa’s and consumers. If your traffic is down and you need to grow your average ticket with very profitable beds then you will want to pay us a call. Spink and Co beds are grown on our beautiful 300-acre farm in Yorkshire, England and celebrated by the Queen herself. Sound like anything you carry? We are living in an “attention-based” economy and if you want to stand out, you have to capture hearts and minds.

WOW #2: When people try our beds, they literally say WOW. I have yet to try a bed that delivers this level of comfort which is really what it’s all about right? What does it feel like to lay on top of  11,000 micro coils hugging every inch of your body? “Gotta come in and see for yourself Ms. Consumer because telling you about it just doesn’t do it justice.”

WOW #3: This is really something that you will discover if we choose each other. If you want someone that is committed to YOUR growth and that cares about the things you care about, not just how they can sell more of their products, then you are in for a great experience.

In every product presentation that we have made to retailers, we set the bar at WOW and have yet to be told we are overselling what we do. If you are looking for something special that your competitors don’t have and your consumers will fall in love with, I encourage you to give us 20 minutes. The WOW is guaranteed; isn’t that worth your time?


4 thoughts on “What’s Your WOW Factor?

  1. Right on target! We have brought some of that WOW to our showrooms when we added the Spink and Co products.
    A real story, great products, real profits, support from Spink management and not competing with us online. We at the Great American Home Store have a winner with this line.

    1. Thank you Jack, you guys have done an incredible job launching the product and BUILDING VALUE in it on your selling floors. You guys are awesome and I’m grateful for the relationship. Thank you friend!

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