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Endless Possibilities

Have you noticed that people have been unusually creative during this time of quarantine? My kids have been working on their TikTok game, Mark Kinsley and I have been writing a lot preparing for more Dos Marcos shenanigans, and our good buddy Mike Magnuson wrote, produced, and starred in this awesome music video called Shelter In Place. Who says white boys can’t dance?  Have you been doing anything to flex your creative muscle in the last 30 days?

How is it that people are able to dig down and tap that creative energy now versus before the virus hit? Maybe it’s because some people have more time to work on these projects. So you’re bored in the house and you’re in the house bored (warning, there are some expletives in that link so click and beware), saying to yourself, “What can I do now? I finished Netflix, the house is clean, kids are busy and nothing is open!”  So the combination of extra time and a need to entertain yourself is opening up some doors so don’t miss this opportunity to explore.

We are about to be in a street fight for the consumer dollar coming out of this shit show, so the details are going to matter in a very big way. What if…

  • You develop a new product that will excite people and fill an unmet need?
  • You think more about your operational process and find new ways to cut cost out of what you do?
  • You think of a new way to sell to your customers that not only surprises and delights them, but builds a raving fan base that tells their friends about your business/products?
  • You not only figure out ways to max out your presence on the internet but you build or improve your ability to convert consumer interest into sales.
  • You task these types of projects to key people in your organization, be specific as to what you want the outcome to be but give them a very wide space to operate in, and give them a VERY HANDSOME reward if they bring back something good.

Creative thinking is free and the payout could be massive. Everybody has a creative brain you just have to tap it, but if yours isn’t as good as you would like, then bring in some people that can light the fire. Be inspired and reap the benefits.

The Blair Witch Project was a film made back in 1993 with a budget of $60,000 that ended up grossing $250 million worldwide. For any of you thinking that to drive big results you need big budgets, that just isn’t true. If you have some extra time spend it thinking outside the box and see what happens.



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