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On Memorial Day my mother, Dee Quinn, passed away and it crushed me. In college I was lucky enough to take a Crisis Communications class taught by Dr. Jim Towns and we learned a lot about the grieving process and how to deal with that, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing.

Somewhere close to 300 people were in attendance for the funeral at St. Martha’s, my parents church in Kingwood, Texas, which shocked me given the scare around the corona virus. Ladies from the church volunteered to decorate the church and the reception hall, a neighbor created a small piece of art in memory of mom that my father was able to duplicate and give to close friends and family. My dad’s best buddy Grant Chapman, his wife Betty and his two kids Chris and Kerry, along with his cooking team called the Holy Smokers, prepared lunch for over 100 people at the reception and nobody let us pay for anything. Dozens of people cooked meals and brought them to the house and cards, donations to my mother’s charity, flowers, text messages and phone calls came in to my dad Nick, sister Cari, brother Jeff and myself to express their condolences. The love and support was felt in a very meaningful way.

All of this happened the way it did because my mom was an amazing lady that gave a lot of herself to people. She worked as a volunteer with Family Time, a shelter for abused women for over 17 years, and was incredibly generous to her friends and family. She was definitely the “go to” if you needed to talk through a problem. As for the impact she had on me, that would be impossible to put into words. She listened to me, supported me in all things, kicked my butt when it was necessary, and loved me like only a mother can. Her influence in my life has helped me become the person I am and any success I have experienced along the way can be directly tied back to how she raised me.

I was sad when she died, but more than that, I was grateful for the fact that she was my mom and for the influence she has had on me, my wife Bridget and my kids Gabby and Nick.

The overwhelming response to her death was the result of her connection to people. Investing in our family, friends and co-wokers and creating strong relationships with others is what it’s all about isn’t it? What impact are we making on those around us? How will people FEEL when we leave this earth? What good have we done? What will the ripple effect from our life be?

My mothers life will impact others long after she is gone because of what she did when she was here. My pastor once told us that we have to be mindful of the dash. The dash between the date you were born and the date that you die. What will we do with our dash?

Love and miss you mom! I will see you again.


Dee Quinn                                     August 19, 1945 – May 25, 2020


My brother Jeff (Todd), has never written a poem in his life but the passing of our mom inspired this writing.  I think he did a terrific job of sharing his heart and what we all feel about who she was.

Sweet Dee

From humble beginnings with love in her heart

She met a man and fell from the start


The Bulldog inn is where it all began

and he walked her to class like a fine young man


They didn’t have much but they made it work

and that’s when Dee learned how to be a damn good cook


They had three children Cari, Mark, and Todd

Raising them right as children of God


The kids made nicknames for all they loved

Sweet Dee was hers a gift from above


Dee filled our hearts with love to the sky

The kids left the nest to learn how to fly


Grandkids came next 2 of each kind

More love to give and let Sweet Dee shine


A mother, A sister, and a wife extraordinaire

Every role she played she did it with care


17 years she gave of herself

To those in need and not much wealth


A smile, a laugh, a quick-witted jab

She gave this life all that she had


Her health went south but she fought a good fight

Until God was ready to use her light


The reception in heaven will be so grand

with your Mom & Dad to hold your hand


If a life is measured by those you touch

Sweet Dee did that in spades and I think that’s enough

Jeffrey Todd Quinn


2 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. Dee was such an awesome lady and they were definitely our “Texas Parents” when we moved here from Atlanta. If parents are judged by the type of children they raise, her & Nick get top marks. She will be missed but we know we will see her again when it is time. Oh, and tell Jeff well done and thanks for making me cry…

    1. Thanks for this Matt, it means a lot, and sorry that I’m just now seeing it. She loved you guys and you are right…we will be seeing her again. My brother totally blew me away and I really don’t know how he got through reading his poem in front of that crowd on that day. Glad he did though! Love all of you Forbes people!!!!!

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