Senior Year

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Bridget and I are the parents of two really great kids; Nick 15, and Gabby 17. As a result of this coronavirus Nick will miss out on his track season and much of his AAU basketball tournaments and I know he is pretty bummed, HOWEVER, he is out of school for the rest of the year which I think brings him a lot of joy. 🙂  Gabby’s story is a little different. This is her senior year and for a teenage girl, this is a very big deal.

She won’t get the chance to put on her brand new dress for prom or host the big dinner we were planning for her friend group at our house. Her graduation ceremony likely won’t happen either so there won’t be a walk across the stage, hat toss at the end, and party to follow. She won’t even get to hug, say goodbye, and cry with her best buddies standing in the empty hallways that last day of school. Gabby is really sad about it all and we get it. Is this anything like losing your business or a job? Not to most of us, but to her class it certainly is.

This is one of those things that you have to figure out as a parent in terms of how you coach them through the valley. Bridget and I agreed that we should let her be sad and morn the loss of what “could have been” because she has every right to those feelings. But, we also don’t want her to settle into a pity party. To Gabby’s credit, she has handled this so well she has inspired me in many ways so I wanted to share her story with you to say this…

I know that I have written blogs like this in the past with a similar feel and punch line but given where we are I think that this is worth repeating. We are all going to experience some amount of stress, sadness, anger, frustration, and worry given what all has taken place in the last 30 days. We are human and entitled to feel those things but we don’t’ get to stay there very long.  If we do, the circumstances we find ourselves in; most of which are out of our control, will consume us, and drag us down to the point where we can’t recover which is not an option.

So have some moments, cry some tears if it takes you there, lean on your relationships for support, be grateful for what you have, and then flush it and get ready to flip the switch into ass-kicking mode. Make your decision to figure this out, work on strategy, and get ready for battle.

To my daughter: It’s hard as a parent to see you sad and robbed of a senior year that should have been much better than what you’re getting, but the tough parts of life will give you the grit you need for things to come. You never cease to amaze me with your positive attitude and ability to put things into perspective so thank you for the light that you shine into all things. I am so incredibly proud of who you are.



We’ve Got This

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From the coronavirus, we will see illness, death, drug abuse, child abuse, poverty, political infighting, loss of personal income, loss of business, loneliness from the isolation and divorce among other things.  We are all living through a tragic event and we have a long way to go to get to the other side of it.

We’ve all had trials in our life. For some of us, this might be the worst thing we have ever faced, but for others maybe it’s not as bad. In my world, I handle the valleys pretty much the same way.  I try to first focus on the positive things going on in my life, assess the situation and create a strategy to help myself and others find a way out. Then, I set my mind to do battle with the problem. Digging out of this one is going to suck, there is no doubt, but whenever I’ve been put in the fire, there has always been learning and opportunity mixed in with it all. We just have to figure that part out.

Today is Easter Sunday which is perfect timing for this particular holiday. If you believe, then you know that Jesus died for us on Friday, but he beat death today rising from the dead. There is promise in that for all of us. There is hope that even in the worst possible times that Jesus is capable of pretty much anything.

So today I will gather my family, watch our church service online, pray big prayers with HUGE expectations that things get better soon, and eat a great meal knowing that God never said it would be easy, but he did say he will always be with us no matter how bad things get. So ask for His peace today and know that my family will be praying for all of you.

Happy Easter everybody. Here’s to better days ahead.

With love from the Quinn’s.


6 Things NOT To Do To Your Spouse Under Quarantine

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In this episode of the Dos Marcos podcast, we talk about some really great companies out there doing some amazing things to help our country battle the problems created by the coronavirus so give it a listen and send those guys a note of thanks via LinkedIn or on their Facebook page. They all deserve a hearty pat on the back. If you know of other companies doing good things, please send me a note, we want to make sure to mention them in an upcoming episode!

I had a Zoom call with some old friends of mine from high school last night and it was really great catching up on each other’s lives. Some of my friends were bitching up a storm because neither they or their spouse were going to work anymore and so their lives together were changing. They were overlapping; more now than ever.

When I left Leggett and Platt and started my own company, I began working from my home and I was fired up. There is a beautiful office in my house, I love working there, and the commute is about one minute, so life was about to get so much easier for me right? Not exactly. This blog post is for all of you guys and gals out there that find yourselves spending more time at home coexisting with your spouse than before. We want to come out on the other side of this closer as couples right? We can do this people but we have to work together. Just take some of the following suggestions and make them work for you. Quinn’s Rules For Happy Wife, Happy Life. Coexisting edition.

  1. Guys, I know you think it’s “your house to” but it’s really not so just come to grips with that now. Sure you help pay the mortgage, hell, you might even be the sole breadwinner so you should have a say in how things are run. But this thinking is delusional and if you continue down this path, you’ll be sorry in the long run. Chances are your wife has a rhythm in how things are done so just get out of the way. Simple things like unloading the dishwasher might seem like a good idea. You might even think you’re actually helping, but she probably has “her way of doing that” so just let it be. Pitching in is great, but ask first and let her guide your next steps.
  2. When you put your AirPods in and walk from room to room on a conference call you are probably so engrossed in what is being said, that you’re missing the dirty looks that are being shot at you by your family. Take your calls in a designated workspace and keep it down.
  3. Speaking of your designated space, this suggestion comes to us from my podcast partner Mark Kinsley and Jenn Danko from Nationwide. Be sure to carve out some physical space that is your space to do what you need to do, and only venture out of that space if you must have a bio break or if you need to eat something. Think of this as a permanent “time out” corner, but as a grown-up, you can still play on your phone whenever you want.
  4. If you think that creating a to-do list for your spouse will be helpful, you may be too far gone for me to help. Can you make casual suggestions on things that might help the household function in a more productive way? Sure you can. But whatever you do, don’t formalize this on paper. Remember; this other person is not your employee so stop short of bossing them around!!!!!
  5. When I asked my wife what advice she would give this audience this is what she said. “Tell your spouse that under no circumstance is it okay for you to walk around the house and randomly bust into the Judy Garland version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. It’s just not helpful.”
  6. Afternoon Delight is a great song but I would stop short of setting up that expectation even if you are in close proximity to the master suite around noon. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make the effort here, but level set your expectations to avoid depression.  If you give your spouse a list, you can pretty much flush this pipe dream down the toilet.
This is where we want to be when it’s over.

That about sums it up, I hope some of this is helpful and if you have a friend that could benefit then feel free to pass it along. What did I miss? Help us all out and share your tips to a happy and healthy marriage during these trying times!

On a serious note, may God bless you all. I hope that you are dealing with things as best as you can. We can control what we think, which has a serious impact on what we feel, so don’t watch too much news and get creative on making some fun for you and the family!


A Visit To Crazy Town

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What in the hell happened? 30 days ago, if you would have told me that everyone in the United States or the world for that matter, were going to be asked to stay home because of a rogue virus, the streets would be empty, and all sorts of companies would be struggling to stay afloat, I would have told you that you’ve been watching too much television.  My kids have said to me several times that it feels like we are in some sort of horror movie playing itself out in real life, and I agree. THIS IS CRAZY! (more…)