Celebrating Our 100th Episode!

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Kinsley came to me a few years back and suggested that we start a podcast. I really didn’t get it. What went through my mind at the time was that Kinsley was trying to recapture some of the magic from his old radio days as a talk show host and he wanted to drag me into a project that would most certainly end as an embarrassing failure! Who in the hell was going to listen to a couple of guys talking about mattresses after all? Boy was I wrong. The Dos Marcos podcast ended up as the most popular content on Sleep-Geek.com and we just recorded our 100th episode!

Since we started recording Dos Marcos, I have become a big fan of the podcast. I listen to them as I walk my dogs, when I workout, when driving, and even when tracking through airports. I listen to learn, to be entertained, for spiritual growth, and to be motivated. My guess is that this is true for most people that listen to podcasts which according to THIS article by the BBC, includes over 33% of the U.S. population. There are over 600,000 shows out there already, so why did we decide to add to the list?

Kinsley explains it best when he says “Dos Marcos is like a campfire that people gather around to take in information about an industry that they love.” I think he’s right. Our goal is to shine a light on people getting it right, point out when we think they are getting it wrong, and have some fun along the way. There are so many companies doing cool things in this business and we want to make sure that people have a place to come and hear about them, learn from them, borrow from them and grow. We are story-tellers in search of the next great story; maybe it’s yours?


Now we have a new headline sponsor in the Nationwide Marketing Group. It all started with Jerry Honea, their Senior Vice President who Kinsley and I have come to know and admire over the years for what he has done to help his retailer members grow. Then we met Mike Whitaker from Nationwide, a true rock star in the industry, that also has a burning passion to serve people and drive the retail business forward. When Jerry asked Mike to evaluate our show, Mike totally got it and blew us away with his enthusiasm for the project. I seriously cannot believe what a great collaboration this has turned out to be so far.

I just want to say thank you to Kinsley for his friendship and making this show so much fun to do. You have a great brain for this business, I learn from you all the time, and your heart for people is pretty dang awesome. But most of all a big thanks to everyone that listens to the show. We appreciate your support and feedback because it really is the fuel for this campfire.

Take a listen to this, our 100th episode, meet Mike Whitaker if you don’t know him already, and get ready for the next 100 shows. We are just getting started!

Why Brick and Mortar SHOULD Have The Advantage

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First I want to start off by addressing some of the conversations I’ve had with people about my blog from last week, “Is Serta/Simmons In A Death Spiral?”  If you thought there was a sharper edge to my comments than what you normally read from me it’s because there was. My post was written after I spoke to a few people that were fired from SSB after 20 years of service so my heart was heavy with those stories and I was frustrated for them. Truth is, I helped build that company with over 9 years of service, managing over 30% of the volume for Serta, Inc. at the time and I’m still a homer. SSB has a lot of very talented people in the organization and will likely figure it out which I think is a good thing for the industry in many ways. HOWEVER, if you read that blog and it upset you, chances are you are on the inside looking out and it could have struck a nerve because some part of it was true for you? If you think what I wrote is inaccurate in any way give me a call and let’s set the record straight. (FYI…I did reach out to SSB prior to the podcast and posting my blog for some of their insight and didn’t hear back.)  I try to use Q’s Views to shine a light on topics that can help the industry grow and realize our potential with the consumer; my job is to serve the industry with what I write, or at least that’s how I see it. But sometimes what you read from me is the voice of many as I try to capture what people are thinking and maybe not saying. I won’t always get it right so hold me accountable, but you will always get my truth which is the best I can do.

Listen to Kinsley and I discuss the Serta/Simmons situation in this episode of Dos Marcos.


I continue having these conversations with industry insiders about e-commerce and the impact the direct to consumer channel is having on brick and mortar and a successful path forward is becoming more clear by the day. So what is it? I have a few thoughts:

  • Be intentional with your marketing message. Take on the D2C guys and create some doubt with the consumer…don’t be passive and let them eat away at your business! Have you heard from your customers about digital bed buying fails and if so do you share them? Do you directly compare what you have to what is sold on line with photos in your social media channels? Do you trumpet the awesomeness of your people and how they serve your customers?
  • Use the advertising of your digital competitors and bring some of their beds into your store so that consumers can see them in person. Don’t sell against them necessarily. Show them what they are and then sell your customer something better. BAM.
  • You guys have roots in your community and if you have done any job at all connecting to the people in your markets then leverage that and remind them that you have THEIR best interest at heart. If they believe that you are in it to help them sleep better then they will trust you with the purchase. People WANT TO BUY LOCAL, you just have to give them a reason.
  • If you aren’t connecting with your neighbors then get with it! Everybody has a great story to be told so what’s yours? If this isn’t happening, well….I have talked about this so much by now, you can finish that sentence on your own.
  • Brick and mortar guys have a selling process and selection to serve the consumer. Most of you have several products that would crush what most people are selling online. If you don’t, then we need to talk about Spink and Co. 🙂  Not only can you beat them on a product that is likely going to be better than what they get shipped in a box, but you can address their other sleep issues like a pillow that is FITTED for them, adjustable bases that they can test in your store, and protectors and sheets to complete an awesome sleep experience.
  • The reality is that the lower end price points are moving to Amazon and other D2C e-tailers fast. Not only that but this focus on promotional price points is commoditizing the memory foam market. I’m not saying you need to surrender the opening price points, actually, I would suggest the opposite. As my father Nick Quinn preaches, “out assort them with a vertical display and win the battle on the low end you FREAKING MORON!” Okay he isn’t that harsh but I feel like he says it a lot and with some serious passion so it stays as is so that you really feel his point. You brick and mortar guys can bring customers upmarket much more effectively than a website can don’t you think?
  • The digital guys are having trouble making money online because acquisition cost are so high that they are making a move into brick and mortar stores. You think learning the tricks of the trade in e-commerce is hard, it’s going to be every bit as tough for them to make a go of it in your world so keep that in mind. Creating their own stores is one approach which will be difficult because most of them don’t have the product line to support a traditional stand-alone space but they are getting there. If they’re trying to place a bed in your store, then they have to make sure the product is competitive with everything else you carry which is going to be very tough for them to do, given what they currently offer.

Beating the e-commerce guys is very doable, but you have to get your strategy right.

Some of what I’ve said in this post is a repeat of past blogs but I’m going to keep saying it until it makes the desired impact. I am having a blast working with some of my new retailers in trying to custom fit a creative solution for them in their markets and you know the biggest take-a-way we have? This isn’t a problem, it’s a very big opportunity if you attack it with the right strategy! (My philosophy…we want to sell our beds but we believe that being a true partner means helping your retailer in any way you can so if you think I can add value to what you do, then I’m here to help. It’s in my best interest to see our retail partners thrive which means helping them sell all of their products, including the guys I compete against. If I can help them build a good marketing approach that turns them into the clear leader in their market, then we work together and get it done.) Also, if you need someone to help you get better results promoting your product and store on the internet, I’ve got a guy. Send me an e-mail at mquinn03@gmail.com and I will hook you up.

Sorry for the extra long post today but I had a lot to say! What did I miss? Hit me up in the comments section!

Stop whining about the e-commerce guys and start kicking some digital butt.



Is Serta/Simmons In A Death Spiral?

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First of all, I would like to say that there are a LOT OF GREAT PEOPLE working at Serta/Simmons Bed (SSB), so if you’re not the ones making the decisions that have brought things to where they are today, then this is NO reflection on you. Keep working hard, that’s all you can do.

So what are the facts and perceptions out there around SSB? I’ve had many discussions with large retailers and other industry insiders about this topic so I thought I would share some of those insights plus a few of my own.

  • Furniture Today announced that SSB was cutting more than 160 employees as part of a corporate restructuring that says it will better position the company for long-term success. Really? They want to be a “lean, more nimble consumer-focused organization which is even easier to do business with.” So how does that work? Does this really mean that they are right-sizing to get more aggressive with their direct to consumer business?  They want to be more consumer-focused, how about customer-focused meaning their retail base?
  • There have been many complaints about the service level already coming out of the SSB factories so how is this cost-cutting exercise going to help that get any better?
  • In the press release, they say, “We are proud of our leadership position and look forward to continuing to create great sleep and shopping experiences for consumers.” Based on the conversations I’ve been having, there aren’t too many that consider SSB to be leading anything. Just because you are big, doesn’t make you a leader.
  • The product launch for SSB in Vegas was not received well. Not the right time to hit a single if you’re them.

I’m not entirely sure how things got to where they are, but I am pretty confident about the fact that when companies try to “cost cut” their way to success, it rarely ends up the way they want it to. For the retailers out there that have been suffering from lackluster product and service, I think it’s a hard sell to convince them that any of this is in their best interest.

What do you think, can they pull out of it?

Mark Kinsley and I talk about this in a podcast we will publish next week available at dosmarcospodcast.com or you can watch the live video of that below.

For the record, we look better on the podcast.


Face To Face

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When I was a kid and wanted to break up with a girl, my parents would NOT let me do that over the phone. If I was going to deliver bad news I had to muster the courage to do it face to face which I hated, but I get it now. Today, my kids and their friends ask each other out via Snapchat and break up the same way, no problem. I started to insist on a face to face like the olden days but was quickly rebuked; “that’s NOT HOW YOU DO IT TODAY DAD!!!!!!” Got it.

I bring this up because I have been hearing that bedding brands have been sending out bad news via snail mail. Raising prices, taking away co-op etc. You can’t do everything in person I realize because logistics make that tough, but how about a phone call? It stinks to have to be on a call or worse, in the room with someone as you give them bad news because nobody likes an ass chewing, but isn’t that also an opportunity to address the problem? If you were going to give your customer an increase of 5% in their co-op advertising fund, would you do that with a letter?

To my manufacturing friends out there, all I’m saying is that if you choose to take an “arms length” approach to your business, your retailers are going to do the same so get ready for that. How would you like to get an email with the subject line, “So Sorry” which goes on to say that you have been thrown off the floor?


As I was writing this blog post I received a phone call that the anticipated cuts at SSB have happened and there are a lot of people out of a job today, some of them good friends of mine.  For all of you that now find yourself in the job market, I will say what I always say. This is your path so take a beat, and then start looking for the meaning in it all. Dip down into the relationships that you have invested in over the years and something will come your way; companies are always looking for great people. You may start to doubt yourself or feel some self-pity which is normal, but crush that crap and charge forward, there is something even better waiting for you if you believe it to be true.

More on the current state of Serta/Simmons bedding in next weeks blog. Send me your thoughts, please.

Don’t miss this week’s Dos Marcos podcast about my trip to the big Brand Source Better Together Summit in Nashville, TN. Some great commentary from Jason Dorsey on generational marketing and my HUGE fail with a live band at BB Kings Blues Bar.



BrandSource Is On The Move

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This last weekend I had the honor of speaking at the “Better Together Summit”, a national meeting put on by the buying group BrandSource. These guys bring in thousands of people representing over 4,500 stores across the United States and they were fired up.

Brand Source CEO, Jim Ristow took the stage in the first general session and let the audience know that the sole purpose for his group is to support them, the small furniture and appliance retailer that make up the “backbone of America”. He talked about the changing landscape with the growth of e-commerce, and how Brand Source is well positioned to help all of their members succeed by utilizing their AVB marketing division to create copy, video and photography that will make the members websites come to life. CONTENT IS KING! Jim also pointed out that “we don’t celebrate, we innovate”, and shared even more ways that Brand Source was going to help its members thrive in their local markets.

Later that afternoon, Jason Dorsey took the stage as one of the world leaders on research around Gen Z and Millennials. Jason isn’t just a speaker, he is a researcher and he knows his stuff. To be honest, I just about walked out to make phone calls because I had a lot going on and I really didn’t want to sit through another boring speech where a millennial stands on stage and lectures me about how I don’t understand his generation; as if it’s ALL ABOUT THEM. It was one of the most entertaining speeches I have heard in a long time with great content, some eye-opening stats that I had not heard before, and  he brought me to the realization that it is ALL ABOUT THEM. Well, a lot of it anyway, as they represent more buying power than any other demographic by a long shot and if you are going to sell them, you certainly need to understand them. There are some big misconceptions about the different generations so check out this Ted Talk by Jason, be entertained for 18 minutes and learn a few things along the way.

My speech at the event was based on one of our Dos Marcos podcast “Top 10 Reasons Your Business Might Suck” which must have rung a bell with people because we had a good crowd in our session. It’s clear that people are looking for answers. Traffic is down for many and this shift to e-commerce has a lot of people off balance. How do I get my traffic back? How do I sell more to the people walking in my doors? How do we deal with billboards telling our consumers that we are greedy when we are just trying to make a living like everybody else? These retailers told me about their stores, some were brand new to the industry and some were 4th generation family owned businesses but they were all there for the same reason. To learn something that would help thrive in their markets. My guess is that the people attending events like this, taking an active role in finding a solution, are the ones that will be around for the 5th and 6th generations to come.

Jeff Willis, Karaoke Host, and Me

Kinsley and I are going to unpack this a lot more in a podcast that we record next week so tune in and hear all about it, including the story about how Jeff Willis from Famous Tate FORCED ME ON STAGE during a moment of weakness to participate in the LIVE BAND KARAOKE at BB Kings Blues bar. This one could have gone better! Remember, our new podcast website is DosMarcospodcast.com or you can find us in most of your podcast apps, just search DosMarcospodcast.

A big thank you to Brand Source for bringing me out to speak to their members, and to all of my new friends from the event. You made it awesome for me and I am grateful! Sorry but I gotta go. I ripped up the emergency check in my wallet so now I have to figure out what Venmo is. Thanks a lot Jason.