Understanding the Woman Who Wants a Mattress

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In my house, my wife is the boss of just about everything, but she is NOT THE BOSS OF ME…(yeah right). She keeps the checkbook, manages the social calendar, keeps track of the kids’ activities, and makes almost all the purchasing decisions. By ALL, I mean everything from groceries and home furnishings to the clothes in my closet. However, when it comes to computers or electronics of any kind, I have to draw the line.

There was a recent survey featured in the April edition Sleep Savvy and Bed Times that I thought was really interesting. Fleishman-Hillard, a national public relations firm, partnered with Hearst Magazines to follow up on their 2008 study called “Women, Power & Money.” (more…)

Is it Risky? A Hip Hop Video About Hybrids

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The new music video we are producing is called “Get Hybrid” and our team just got back from production in Chicago. We are working with Second City Communications, the business arm of the famous improv comedy house. I feel lucky that I get to work on projects like this because I’m able to collaborate with some wicked smart people, exercise creative muscle, learn a lot, and minus the moments of sheer panic it’s just a lot of fun.

Now that filming is over, I’m wondering if our audience (in this case the mattress industry, not necessarily the consumer), is going to like it as much as I do. I am more inclined to take chances than most, and with this creative solution there is definitely some risk. (more…)

Don’t Wind Up Homeless, Buy a New Mattress

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The month of May is Better Sleep Month. That means you are getting your marketing plans in place and preparing to SCREAM to the rooftops about our industry’s moment of truth. What? You’re not prepared? I understand, believe me. As a matter of fact, I think last May came and went without the industry doing much at all, and I am part of the problem. I sit on the Better Sleep Council, so what is going on out there?! (more…)

How Cells Can Boost Sales

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In a past blog post, I wrote about the importance of catching people in the different phases of the shopping experience. It isn’t enough to make a good product, have a great website, strong point of sale materials, and an informative sales training program for the RSA. If you are not in the pocket of the consumer when they are in your store, you could be in big trouble! (more…)