The Impressive Secret Life of Your Headphones

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Thank God it’s Friday, one of my favorite days of the week because it brings the promise of great mattress sales and time with the family. I am going to start posting some stuff on Friday’s that really is not directly connected to our industry, but instead is just information that I come across and find interesting and think you might too. It could be a funny video that is trending on YouTube or a cool new gadget. So tune in or tune out, either way it will be here for you. Have a great weekend!

Surfing the web I came across this article on Yahoo! about 10 hidden controls on iPhone headphones. Hidden!?!?! Are you freaking kidding me? Is this product so good that Apple can ship it and not even tell anyone about the advantages and benefits? These tiny headphones can control your music and even take photos. It is kind of funny because for the longest time I

would sit on my riding lawn mower using my headphones and wonder if they did something more than turn the music up and down. Did I ever go online and look it up? NO!

I am pretty sure Apple didn’t send any instructions for the headphones, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did and I just didn’t read them (I am a guy, after all). How incredibly cool would it be if you had a product so great that you could afford to be a minimalist with your packaging, skip the directions, and just let your consumer find out for themselves how they worked? Most of us don’t create products that compelling so we will just have to live vicariously through Apple for the time being.

Well, I hope I accomplished my goal of bringing something light and helpful to your Friday. Now stop wasting company time reading this crap and get back to work.

‘Start with the Heart’ and Supercharge Your Mattress Sales

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The following is a guest post by Mark Kinsley.

Too many mattress marketers keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results. That’s the definition of insanity and if this mentality continues, it’ll be a long walk off a short plank.

If you want to differentiate your business or product you have to rethink your communication approach. It does not start with better demographic data. It starts with the heart.

Mattress marketing is not about targeting and segmenting and all that technical mumbo jumbo. If you want to bring people into your store, focus on your message first. Start with the heart. Getting advertisements in front of your target audience will have limited impact if you’re not connecting with people on an emotional level. You do this by saying the right things. (more…)

A bronze lining: Learning from talented losers

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Viktoria Komova completely unraveled in tears as she won the silver medal. As I sat there watching the Russian gymnast step onto the podium to accept her Olympic medal, I thought…this girl just accomplished something very few people in the world ever will, and she is breaking down in tears, distraught and defeated because she didn’t get a gold.

It made me think about an article I read about the psychology of winning or losing Olympic
medals. A team of researchers found that people who won gold were the happiest (obviously), but the silver medal winners weren’t the second happiest as you might expect. No, the second happiest person is the bronze medal winner. That means the silver medal for happiness goes to the bronze medal winner (are you with me on this?). (more…)

Ownership is Everything: A New Story Begins for Serta and Simmons

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Ownership is everything. Just ask the fans of the New England Patriots to talk about their owner Robert Kraft. Over the last five years he has led that franchise to the highest winning percentage in the NFL. New England’s gate receipts topped the NFL at $93 million and by Forbes’ estimation, the team’s value has increased 17% over the past five years. 

What does that have to do with the mattress industry? A lot if you are Serta and Simmons who just announced that Advent International agreed to acquire a majority interest in AOT Bedding Super Holdings, the parent company of National Bedding Co., the majority owner and licensee of Serta and Simmons Bedding Companies. It has been reported that Bob Sherman and Gary Fazio have signed employment contracts and will stay on as the leaders of their respective companies.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

If you have been around the mattress industry long enough, you have seen large, private equity groups come and go. Some have entered the industry and helped improve it and left value after selling their stake and exiting. We have also seen the other side of that. The Advent website says, “We focus on building (more…)

ISPA…The Voice of the Mattress Industry TM

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The following is a guest post by Ryan Trainer.

The International Sleep Products Association recently adopted the tagline “The Voice of the Mattress IndustryTM” (as a “reformed” attorney, I trademarked it immediately!). I’d like to reflect on what that phrase means. A past ISPA Chair recently told me it means that “ISPA is here to do what we, as individual companies, can’t do alone.” I agree – collaboration and partnerships are often essential to achieving tangible success. Our industry has some of the most passionate, innovative, and industrious individuals found in manufacturing and marketing. When we all work together, we have the opportunity to accomplish things that benefit everyone.

ISPA’s journey began in 1915, when 41 mattress manufacturers decided they needed a national forum where they could discuss matters of common industry concern and the National Association of Bedding Manufacturers was born. (more…)