A bronze lining: Learning from talented losers

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Viktoria Komova completely unraveled in tears as she won the silver medal. As I sat there watching the Russian gymnast step onto the podium to accept her Olympic medal, I thought…this girl just accomplished something very few people in the world ever will, and she is breaking down in tears, distraught and defeated because she didn’t get a gold.

It made me think about an article I read about the psychology of winning or losing Olympic
medals. A team of researchers found that people who won gold were the happiest (obviously), but the silver medal winners weren’t the second happiest as you might expect. No, the second happiest person is the bronze medal winner. That means the silver medal for happiness goes to the bronze medal winner (are you with me on this?). (more…)

Ownership is Everything: A New Story Begins for Serta and Simmons

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Ownership is everything. Just ask the fans of the New England Patriots to talk about their owner Robert Kraft. Over the last five years he has led that franchise to the highest winning percentage in the NFL. New England’s gate receipts topped the NFL at $93 million and by Forbes’ estimation, the team’s value has increased 17% over the past five years. 

What does that have to do with the mattress industry? A lot if you are Serta and Simmons who just announced that Advent International agreed to acquire a majority interest in AOT Bedding Super Holdings, the parent company of National Bedding Co., the majority owner and licensee of Serta and Simmons Bedding Companies. It has been reported that Bob Sherman and Gary Fazio have signed employment contracts and will stay on as the leaders of their respective companies.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

If you have been around the mattress industry long enough, you have seen large, private equity groups come and go. Some have entered the industry and helped improve it and left value after selling their stake and exiting. We have also seen the other side of that. The Advent website says, “We focus on building (more…)

ISPA…The Voice of the Mattress Industry TM

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The following is a guest post by Ryan Trainer.

The International Sleep Products Association recently adopted the tagline “The Voice of the Mattress IndustryTM” (as a “reformed” attorney, I trademarked it immediately!). I’d like to reflect on what that phrase means. A past ISPA Chair recently told me it means that “ISPA is here to do what we, as individual companies, can’t do alone.” I agree – collaboration and partnerships are often essential to achieving tangible success. Our industry has some of the most passionate, innovative, and industrious individuals found in manufacturing and marketing. When we all work together, we have the opportunity to accomplish things that benefit everyone.

ISPA’s journey began in 1915, when 41 mattress manufacturers decided they needed a national forum where they could discuss matters of common industry concern and the National Association of Bedding Manufacturers was born. (more…)

Slumps are for Suckers

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Ernie Els, the Hall of Fame golfer from South Africa, recently won the 141st British Open at Royal Lytham and St. Annes. If you follow golf you know that Ernie is a great competitor. However, things have not been so great for him in recent years. As a matter of fact, in 2011 Ernie only had one top 10 finish for the entire year and his earnings dropped to under $1 million for the first time ever.  Recently, he told reporters that as of four months ago he didn’t think he could sink a six foot putt and had no confidence that he could ever win another major.

Have you ever experienced this kind of slump? Here are some thought starters on how you can dig yourself out if you end up in a slump: (more…)

Analyzing Pain Problems and Hot Women

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The following is a guest post from Sleep Specialist Nancy Nadolski.

My name is Nancy. I’m a family nurse practitioner, FNP for short, and Sleep Specialist.  “Hi, Nancy!”

Okay, enough about me. As retail mattress practitioners, RMP for short, you probably see the same troubled sleepers I see in my medical practice.  Lately, after a couple of Vulcan mind-meld conversations with Mark Quinn, I’ve been chomping on something that I think you’ll find interesting.

I’m intrigued by the fact that nearly all of the women coming to my sleep clinic are able to tell me the brand of their mattress! Sadly, the reason these drowsy dames know their mattress brand name (and often the brands they have slept on in hotels) is because sleeping has become a pain, literally.  Women are really suffering physically AT NIGHT. In the mattress business, I’m guessing you live with the fallout from this phenomenon from the minute you turn on the lights in your store, until you hang up the CLOSED sign at night. Am I right, or am I right?