Committing, Quitting, and Killing the Word CAN’T: Winning in 2012

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Your 2012 resolution list can be lengthy, but ultimately helpful.

What’s it gonna be this year? Lose weight, stop smoking, eat better, call your mother more, manage your finances better, find that perfect job, quit that crappy job, or be nicer to the cat? Maybe you’ll resolve to do all the above. The great thing about a new year is that it really means you get a do-over. Remember when you were growing up? Something didn’t go exactly as you would have liked, so you just call a do-over. Well, erase 2011. It is over and in the books, so start focusing on what could or should be in 2012. Here are a few of thoughts on how to make succeeding at your resolution more likely: (more…)

6 Bedding Industry Predictions for 2012

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Make sure your outlook for 2012 is good!

My crystal ball is broken, but I still have my trusty Magic 8 Ball. Do you remember how accurate that thing was? When you’re a kid, you want to know things like, “Am I going to play in the NBA?” or, “Does Bethany love me?” It would answer, “Don’t count on it” and you’d shake the crap out of it and ask again. “Should I ask her out on a date” (SHAKE-SHAKE-SHAKE) and it would say “Signs point to yes.” Bingo. Just what I was looking for. (more…)