The Most Intimate Valentine’s Day Gift Money Can Buy

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Valentine’s Day actually dates back to 270 AD during Claudius II’s reign over the Roman Empire. Old Claudius didn’t want his men getting hitched during wartime because he thought single men made better soldiers. So he forbid people from getting married. Enter Bishop Valentine, who went against Claudius’s wishes and performed secret weddings. For this, he was jailed and later killed. Love stinks!


Is the Tempur-Pedic brand enough?

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Tempur-Pedic has been great for the mattress industry. I’m a big fan in many ways. By targeting consumers, the company has grown awareness in the importance of a good mattress and single-handedly raised the average unit selling price for ALL of us in this crazy business. I have a profound respect for its marketing approach. Tempur’s team has built a truly compelling brand. All of this is coming from an innerspring guy, by the way!


The King’s Fruit is Rotting (and other business lessons)

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This original piece of art was created for this blog by my friend Doug Marshall. Visit his incredible work at

Have you heard the expression “low-hanging fruit”? It refers to something that’s valuable and easy to get. If you’re just starting out as an RSA, your uncle with a bad back who sleeps on a futon would be considered “low-hanging fruit.” He’s an easy target. Look around your company. Do you have branches bending that are full of easy wins? What happens if you don’t harvest that fruit? Have you given that much thought?